Account Receivables
A Smart Tool to Manage your Account Receivables Process

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Hassle-free Account Receivables Process

Cheerze Connect offers an automated and centralized account receivable interface that helps you to store, track, and collect payments from guests who availed your services on credit. As it is a centralized tool, it keeps all your guest-facing employees to be informed about the pending bills, thus giving them the essential data to take proper actions.

Completely Integrated

This Account Receivable solution integrates with the Front Office, PoS and Banquet module. Once the Account Receivable process gets completed, the system will automatically update all the credit bills that need to be paid by the guest/travel agents. You'll never have to miss out on anything.

Simplified Account Receivables Process

With Cheerze Connect's Account Receivable module, you can simplify all your payment collection processes that include tracking credit bills, creating invoices, setting up invoice reminders, bill/invoice matching and generating receipts.


Our Account Receivable module provides extensive reporting options like Aging, outstanding folio, receipt listing and to name a few. It gives insights on your payment collection processes and thereby drives you to take appropriate actions to achieve your goals.



Front Office for One Year

Increase room nights, Track every transaction, receive reports to your mailbox and mobile, Eliminate system shutdown during night audits.