Bar Stock
An Automated Tool to Manage your Bar Stock!

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Simple, yet effective

Managing your bar stock is not a cakewalk, but it can be, with Cheerze Connect's Bar Stock Module. It assists you in managing your Bar's end-to-end operations more effectively than ever.

Easy Operations

Simplify your bar's daily process and always get the current status of your stock values. Track every transaction (in terms of measurements) of your bar items with no effort at all. You can add new items or make positive/negative adjustments in existing stocks.

Create Cocktails that Sell

With our Bar Stock Module, you can combine items and create new cocktails that sell. Our Bar Stock Module lets you track every measurement of your items included in a particular cocktail.


Our Bar Stock Module integrates well with other operational modules like Material and PoS, which helps you to update items received from your in-house departments and ensures hassle-free billings.

User-friendly Reports

With our user-friendly reports, you can acquire a deep understanding of your bar's transactions and stock values, which leaves no room for pilferage. In addition, it gives the necessary insights that help you manage your bar stock at an optimal level.



Front Office for One Year

Increase room nights, Track every transaction, receive reports to your mailbox and mobile, Eliminate system shutdown during night audits.