The biggest challenge, hoteliers are encountering today, is the growing OTA platforms such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip, Priceline, Airbnb, etc. and the rate parity issues. To defeat OTAs, you need to embrace the digital platform which enables you to maximize your hotel's visibility, reservations, and revenue.

         Let's discuss some effective tips which help you to overcome the above-stated challenges and accomplish the desired results,

1. Maximize visibility: As the business world is transforming digitally, it is essential to have a strong online presence. Increase your brand visibility, by targeting your potential prospects on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Also, reach out them using Google AdWords, and Remarketing.

2. Embrace Booking Engine: The simple and convenient booking process is one of the key factors that made OTAs successful. Simplify your guest reservation process by integrating the easy-to-use web booking engine with your website and smoothen your guest entire booking process which will create a positive impression among your guests. See how our booking engine will provide frictionless booking experience to your guests.

3. Let your guest visit virtually: Using “virtual reality” technology, you can provide a virtual tour to your customers from your website itself. It will allow customers to get a 360-degree view about your property which will ultimately turn into a business.

4. Leverage Facebook as a booking platform: 87% of millennials are looking at Facebook for travel inspiration (Source: Internet Marketing, Inc.). As millennial travellers are increasing more and more, it is essential to have a booking option on your Facebook brand page to increase direct bookings. With Cheerze Connect’s Booking Engine, you can integrate an intuitive & attractive “Book now” option on your Facebook page.

5. Reputation Management: Most of the travellers are making their booking decisions based on their friends’ or other travellers’ reviews and recommendations shared over social channels, review sites, and other travel forums. 59% of consumers are claiming that review sites are influencing their entire booking decision (Source: Repup), which reinforces the importance of maintaining a good reputation on these platforms.

6. Personalized Services: Maximizing brand across the platform will help you in acquiring new customers.  To repeat business, you need to delight your guests by providing more personalized and timely services. Cheerze Connect, a cloud-based Hotel Management Software, allows you to store your guests’ data and preferences which helps you exceed your guests’ expectations when they revisit your property.

7: Loyalty Program : Some of the industry leaders like Hyatt, Las Vegas, Hilton and more of the same outrun OTAs with their unique loyalty programs. For small and mid-sized hotels, providing loyalty programs with instant value will help to repeat business. Use newsletter, push campaigns to update your guests constantly with the attractive offers.

By implementing these actionable tips, you can increase direct bookings and surpass guest expectations.

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