Benefits of knowing your guests’ arrival time


Knowing your guests’ arrival time is crucial. It helps the staff in planning their operational workflow and ensures timely assistance upon their arrival. It also helps you avoid unpleasant and awkward situations. Stored in your Hotel Management Software (HMS), staff can view the total number of arrivals for the day, each guests' arrival time, and receive proper reminders that assist staff in fulfilling their guests' requests upon their arrival.

1. The Front Desk Staff


The front desk is the place where most of the guests turn for services and inquiries. Therefore, it is essential for you to know the guests’ arrival time and other details to deliver personalized services.


With the hotel management software, you can see the guests’ arrival time. Knowing that helps you to plan and allocate staff efficiently during peak hours.


Storing your guests’ arrival time on Hotel Management Software also helps you to predict trends effectively. You can see the trends of corporate travelers, their arrival date and time patterns. Likewise, you can compare these trends with leisure travelers and identify the different expectations of your guest segments.


The front desk staff, with this information, may engage with other departments staff to make things ready. For instance, if a guest has requested shuttle/taxi services to the airport, the front desk staff can book the cab and pick-up guests on-time.


With this concrete data, you can better visualize your staff workflow, allocate the right persons, and ensure your guests’ are welcomed properly and perform check-in in the shortest possible time. With such timely services, you can build a positive image in your guests’ minds.


2. Housekeeping Staff


It is equally important for Housekeeping Staff to know your guests’ arrival time. Integrated with the Hotel's Front Office System, the Housekeeping module lets staff know the check-in/check-out details of your hotel guests.


Aware of these details, Housekeeping staff can prioritize tasks and ensure that rooms are cleaned, decorated with welcome bouquets/messages, and ready to welcome guests in advance. 


3. Late Arrivals


Most of the hotels have limited their late night front desk opening hours. Therefore, knowing your guests’ arrival time can help you see how many late arrivals for the day. Based on the demand, you can plan whether to allocate staff for extended hours or teach your guests before their check-in process.


It lets you avoid unpleasant situations for your guests, allowing them to check-in and access the room outside the opening hours. 


Hotel Management Software can help you store your guests’ details, their arrival time and other preferences. You can collect this information from guests who book over the internet, phone or through your website booking engine. In sync with all online booking platforms, the guests’ information will automatically update in your hotel management software. 


Staff, with this useful information, are ready to welcome your guests, cater their needs on time and deliver an outstanding experience to your guests.