Why should hotels use channel manager?

Getting more business is vital. But it can be achievable by expanding newer margins. For most of the hoteliers, reaching a wider audience was a daydream. 

The emergence of Online Travel Agencies and other booking platforms made it possible for hoteliers.

However, managing multiple OTAs become a nightmare. Even to make a simple update on room pricing, hotel staff need to log in all the OTAs one by one and then they need to make changes.  

This kind of manual process is time-consuming and inefficient, which is naturally tends to lots of mistakes like overbooking and double booking.

Channel Manager helps hoteliers in solving these issues. Channel Manager is nothing but a centralized platform where hoteliers can create, update, and edit room availabilities, prices, etc. across the booking platforms.

Benefits of using Channel Manager,

Connect more than 200+ top-line OTAs

There are many Channel Managers that help hotels to connect with a multitude of OTAs. By connecting with best-in-class OTAs, hotels can increase their brand awareness and receive more bookings.

Put an end to manual tasks

It doesn’t matter how many OTAs hotels use. Even they use 5 or 100 OTAs, with channel manager, hotels can update their room rates, availabilities, and amenities across all the OTAs instantly.

Channel Manager helps hoteliers in providing real-time status about room availabilities throughout the booking platforms, reducing operational mistakes like overbooking and double booking. 

Integration with hotel PMS

One of the qualities hotels should look while selecting the Channel Manager is integration. It is a must to use a Channel Manager that integrates with your hotel PMS. This kind of two-way integration is essential to manage bookings effortlessly and without mistakes. 

If a guest books a hotel room through OTA or directly through the hotel, Channel Manager will send an instant update automatically to other booking platforms, telling that a booking has made in this platform and the room status will automatically turn into occupied or reserved.

Channel Manager is a great timesaver. It helps hotels to manage their booking platforms easily without any hurdles. Time saved from these manual tasks will be used wisely on engaging with guests.

Therefore, it is a must for hoteliers to invest in the best Channel Manager to better manage their OTAs and other booking platforms.