Digital Signage: How does it benefit your hotel and guests?


From telephonic calls to voice messages, technologies are enabling hoteliers to communicate with guests directly and more effectively than ever. Like many other communication platforms, digital signage renders its unique benefits to the hospitality industry. It enables hotels to deliver timely and relevant information to their guests and thereby enhances their overall staying experience.


What is Digital Signage?


Wikipedia defines it as “Digital Signage is the sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection and e-paper to display digital images, video, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text.”


These digital signage can be seen in public spaces, transportation systems, hotels and other places to provide wayfinding, information, marketing, and advertisement.


It helps hotels to better communicate with their guests, drives guest engagement, assists in their journey, acts as a travel concierge and delivers an excellent experience to guests. There are several benefits it provides to the hotels, the most important ones are discussed below.


Easy Navigation


It is a common challenge every guest faces while they visit a new property. They do have questions about how to navigate and usually ask staff to help them get the directions. This challenge can be easily addressed with Digital Signage. It can be used as digital maps. Strategically located, these digital signage guides guests and relieves staff to focus on tasks that drive revenue.


Digital Signage, with its interactive maps, helps guests to find the right directions and informs where other revenue-generating parts of your hotel like Restaurants, SPA, Fitness center, and Bar are located.


Share your brand story


Stories are powerful. A good story can connect with you easily. Digital signage also acts as a digital storyboard that lets you share your brand story with your guests and makes them feel more connected.


Not only it allows you to share your brand story, but you can also share the historical greatness of your destination. It helps guests understand the value of the destination and connect them more deeply with the location.


Promote your hotel amenities, offerings, and special events


Digital Signage can be a great platform that helps you communicate with your guests about your hotel amenities and other offerings. It lets you inform guests about your hotel’s check-in and check-out time and other business services (SPA, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Etc.) working hours. You can also share other special offerings and discounts that influence guests to utilize other revenue-generating parts of your hotel. Digital displays are also an ideal platform that allows you to share emergency messages with guests instantly.


Through this digital signage, you can also share the answers to the guests’ most commonly asked questions. Thus, it frees up hotel staff from answering more common questions and lets them focus on pressing problems that need to be addressed quickly.


While advertising in-house events, you can make your guests aware of what’s happening within the hotel and make them participate and upsell more services.


Virtual Concierge


Digital signage is your guests’ virtual concierge. Through this online portal, you can highlight local attractions, restaurants, special events, and other amusement areas. You can also share travel tips like the best time to visit local attractions and other useful information.


Share the latest Information


Hotels need to strategically think of what information needs to be shared on their digital signage. Hotels can keep their guests’ informed about changing share values, updates on local transportation hubs, and weather conditions. Even sharing critical traffic alerts on particular routes and climatic alerts can help guests to plan their trips accordingly.


Display special messages


As it is a digital platform, it becomes easy for staff to change the messages instantly. If your guests are hosting a business event or wedding party, sharing personalized welcome messages can attract guests. It also relieves front desk staff from guiding event participants to the desired halls and other common questions. Once the event is completed, you can change the messages instantly.




Digital Signage is also used as an advertisement board. Local businesses can purchase advertising spaces and thereby attract new visitors and increase revenue streams. As it is a digital and cloud-based platform, advertisers can automatically make changes to their advertisements.


The benefits of digital signage are not only limited to this. Used wisely, this platform can help guests in their entire staying period, guide them on their travel, connect with them and take the staying experience to the whole new level.