Essential technology tools for small and mid-sized properties!

Running and managing a hotel is a multi-faceted mission that involves several activities like ensuring smooth operations, clean and amiable environment, seeking partnerships with third-parties to enhance visibility and revenue, managing staff, materials, last and the most important one, taking care of your guests by meeting their needs and wishes.

The majority of big chains are facilitating these activities by leveraging technology. As far as small and mid-sized hotels are concerned, implementing these technologies are introducing new challenges like maintenance, budget issues, and much more. Hindrances like budget, implementation, and maintenance are making small and mid-sized properties disinclined towards executing these technologies in their hotel.

But one thing is certain that technology is vital in the fast-paced world. However, the business environment is transforming. And, today’s software producers are developing products that specifically address the demands of small and mid-sized properties. These software solutions are affordable and easy to implement.

Must-have Technologies Tools

Technology is a necessity, but investing in a lot can make things worse and uncontrollable. Some of the must-have technology tools are Hotel Management Software, Booking Engine, and Channel Manager.

With such applications, hoteliers can streamline their every-day hotel operations and keep pace with the changing market and guest demands. Hotel Management Software assists hoteliers in managing end-to-end (from Front office operations to back-office) operations of a hotel.

In the era of digital, where the majority of bookings happening over the internet, both Channel Manager and Booking Engine are helping hoteliers in capitalizing on this internet market. Booking Engine helps you in receiving direct, commission-free bookings from your website and social channels. Channel Manager provides wider visibility to hotels by letting hoteliers connect with the world’s leading Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). By widening the market, hotels can attract more new customers than ever.

From an investment perspective, these applications are subscription-based (Monthly and yearly basis), and hoteliers pay only for what they use. Nothing more nor less. As these applications are delivered based on SaaS- business model, hotels need a desktop or mobile device with a reliable internet connection. The associated infrastructure will be managed and maintained by the service provider itself.  

Cheerze Connect- Comprehensive Hotel Management Software

Cheerze Connect, with its in-built modules (Front Office, Housekeeping module, Point-of-sale, Banquet, Material Management, Booking Engine, Account Receivables, Food Costing, Bar Code and interfaces to other tools), automates end-to-end operations of a hotel. Integrated with Channel Manager, hotel staff can connect with multiple OTAs, update room status & prices, stop sell limits- and even more with few clicks. 

The need to get connected with modern technologies becomes crucial for even small and mid-sized properties. Like in the old days, technology is not only confined to big hotel chains, today with tools like Cheerze Connect, small and mid-sized hotels can implement and integrate modern technologies in their hotels. Cheerze Connect Hotel HMS is flexible enough to connect with modern technology tools, which makes you stay relevant in the modern days.

Leveraging modern technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and (Machine Learning), Cheerze Connect introduces its Voice-based command system to hotels soon. With this Voice-based system, hotels’ staff do not need to perform operations anymore, instead, they can talk (command) with the tool to perform operations. Using voice-based commands, hotel staff perform various operations like room booking, report generations, and much more. 

Delivered as a SaaS-based application, hotels of all sizes, can select the required modules and pay only for what they use. Flexible payment options (Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual) make it preferable among small and mid-sized hoteliers.