In the saturated workplace, hoteliers will find it tricky to select the right hotel software which meets their business expectations. We have provided a checklist that helps hoteliers to select the right hotel software.

1. Customizable: You should look for software that should be highly-customizable based on your unique business needs.

2. Integrated: It should be a centralized hub for your hotel management. It should enable you to seamlessly integrate with the other hotel applications like channel manager, GDS, booking engine, and accounting systems.

3. Automate tasks: A good PMS should help hoteliers to organize and perform hotel activities with reduced time and thereby improves hotel's operational efficiency.

4. Secure: A PMS should allow you to restrict unwanted access to the sensitive information. It should enable them to provide limited or full accessibility to the application based on the staffs' role and responsibilities.

5. Anywhere at any time reporting: It is must for you to be aware of your hotel status wherever you are. The PMS should provide you with a plethora of reports to get deep insights into your business anywhere at any time