Five amenities every business traveler looks for in a hotel

Business travel is not slowing down. It is increasing disproportionately. It is expected to grow to $1.6 trillion in annual spend by 2020 (Source: GBTA). Going after this lucrative market can boost up your hotel’s occupancy rates and maximize profit.

Winning this market requires hotel owners to slightly change their offering and perks to meet the needs of the business travelers. In this blog post, we’ve discussed some amenities every business traveler looks for in their hotel room.

1. Exclusive Wi-Fi

Studies show that business travelers prefer to book a stay in a hotel that offers free internet access (Source: One step further, providing exclusive & fast Wi-Fi helps business travelers to access their online tools (Skype and other business applications) without friction. It’s an amazing perk that sure attracts more business travelers to book your hotel directly and not through other OTAs.

2. Power outlets

More than any other travel segment, the need to rely on technology is on the rise for business travelers. Regular outlets, USB outlets, in-room charges for laptop/mobile, docking stations and offering streaming services (especially for millennial business travelers) can go a long way in attracting your business travelers.

3. Safety Lockers

Safety locker is another important in-room amenity business travelers expect in their hotel room. Business travelers are always on the go. They can’t take their business-sensitive assets with them everywhere they go. Keeping their valuable assets or documents in a safe place can make them feel relaxed and secure.

4. Iron and Ironing Board

Business travelers emphasize dressing professionally more than any other guest segments. After all, they dress to impress people and build a good impression. Therefore, iron and ironing boards become a must-have in-room amenity. Even if it is not provided as an in-room amenity, hotels can provide it upon guest request and make guests aware of such service. As the number of female business travelers is increasing, some hotels are offering hair dryers as an in-room amenity.

5. Shuttle

Getting to the location on-time is crucial for business professionals. Providing shuttle services for pick-up and drop from the airport or railway station and for other local transport can help your business travelers to reach the desired spot punctually and make their trip smooth.