Five Practical Tips to Improve Guest Retention in your Hotel

In today’s competitive environment, retaining guests is as important as attracting new guests. Guest retention plays a significant role in keeping your hotel business successful. Therefore, you need to balance your efforts properly in acquiring new guests and at the same time retaining the existing one.

However, building a return business model is not simple. It is even challenging for properties whose major guest segments are leisure travelers. Having an end-to-end guest retention strategy can help you in increasing repeat visits. Here’re the simple strategies that help you to achieve this!

1. Provide Greater Services

Cutting-edge technologies are emerging rapidly and its impacts are seen in your guests’ everyday lives. Therefore, ideally, your business strategies need to evolve to meet these growing needs.

With the help of technology, provide greater guest services, which is a key to unlock the hearts of your guests. Streamline your guest-facing processes, that include all stages of your guests' journey- Pre-arrival, during their stay at your hotel, and post-stay.

Train your staff to be friendly and respond to guest’s queries promptly. Ask your staff to touch base with guests now and then. Doing so will help your staff to understand guests’ needs and fulfill them on time. By assisting your guests on their stay and providing required services, you can not only make your guests stay comfortable, but you can also gain guests for a lifetime.

2. Purpose of visit

To provide high-scale guest experience, first, you need to understand your guests better. Glean into your guests' data. Understand their purpose of visit, their needs, and their interests. It will help you to devise specific go-to-market approaches and build personalized offers to each guest segment. Leverage online platforms to reach your guests. Sending personalized messages about your hotel offers, remarketing strategies, social channel advertisements can help you to be on your guests’ minds and increase the possibility of repeat visits.

3. Personalization

Nothing can create a lasting impression on your guests’ minds than personalized services. Deliver personalized services to your guests by understanding their special preferences. Address your guests’ with their first name. Provide their favorite breakfast as a complimentary and a lot more. It helps your staff to build an unbreakable bond with your guests and will make your guests come back to your hotel.

4. Listen to your guests

Listening to your guests can help you in delivering more effective services in future. Collect your guests’ feedback and even complaints (during their stay and post-stay). Work on addressing guests’ issues and never forget to pat yourself on good things.

5. Reward them

Loyal guests are your treasures. They not only help you in sustaining your hotel but also in attracting new guests. Offers and discounts can help you in retaining your guests and attracting new ones. Guests who suggest your property to others and books your property through your hotel site can be rewarded. It will encourage them to do continuous business with your hotel.