5 Top Email Marketing Rules You Should Follow


Email marketing still plays an effective role in building your hotel brand awareness, driving interest, and conversion among desired audiences.


However, it is not just a one-time activity. You need to pay close attention to each campaign in order to optimize it and ensure that your efforts are reaping the desired results.


Here are the five top email marketing rules you need to follow to increase click rates and engagement,


Segment your list


Sending mass emails will not help you anymore in the age of personalization. Therefore, Segment your listing based on the location and interest with your brand. It helps you to create and send specific messages, which will ultimately increase your audiences’ interaction with brands.


For instance, you can segment guests who are interested in your SPA services. Then you can build up a separate list of those guests and run personalized SPA-related offer campaigns.


It is also vital to clean your listing in regular time intervals. Remove emails that are spammy and inactive.


Create responsive designs


Creating responsive designs have never been more important than now. The majority of your guests are using their mobile devices to view your mail.


Knowing its importance, most of the email marketing platforms are giving an option that helps you to create responsive designs that give a better user experience to your readers.


Keep your subject line short and descriptive.


Sending emails without a persuasive subject line is of no use. Because the subject line is what makes your guests click and read further. Therefore, create a subject line that is attractive, descriptive and short!


Some of the effective subject lines are ‘Watch the Season Change with us’, ‘We’re giving 10% discount for 3 people who book first today.’


Actionable CTAs


Another major element is CTA (Call-to-action). Your message, without a proper call-to-action, will not lead your guests to take the desired actions. They do not know what to do and where to redeem the offer/service you have mentioned.


Include an easy method for guests to redeem offers. It is also a wise move to provide your website link so that guests will land your site and probably make a booking.


Some of the CTAs that drive higher clicks and conversions are ‘Book Now’, ‘Discover a cocktail tailored to your taste’ (Grey Goose).


Don’t overdo!


Sending informative/sales emails consistently will create brand awareness and build trust among your audience. However, don’t shoot your guests with lots of emails in a week. It will make your guests unsubscribe.


Therefore, running one email campaign per week is ideal. However, don’t beat the same bush around. Try to come up with creative, actionable and unique campaign ideas your guests will enjoy reading.