Four strong signs it’s time to invest in an effective Online Booking System!

No matter how big or small your hotel property is, you need to invest in the right technology tools to stay in competitive advantage. Booking Engine is one of the vital tools. It helps you to sell rooms online and boost your hotel revenue. Most of the hoteliers are making effective use of this online booking technology. If you haven't invested in an online booking technology yet, then below are the strong cues that show your property requires one.

1. Checking your hotel rooms’ availabilities and booking online can be a challenge

Guests today prefer to book rooms online than any other alternative method. They find it simple and convenient, as it provides the required information (room rates and availability) within seconds. It also allows guests to select their check-in & check-out date, book their preferable room, and send personalized requests to hotels with few clicks.

Without an online booking system, you’re making your guests booking process complex by letting them fill your contact form, send an email, or make a call to check availability. This process is time-consuming, and the probability of losing your potential guests is higher, which leads to lower occupancy rates.

2. Instant communication can be a challenge

The manual process of sending emails, welcome notes to each guest can be time-consuming and error-prone. Eradicate these manual activities and make it simpler than ever by investing in an Online booking system. 

Online booking engine can help you to automate your pre-stay communications with guests. Whether it is sending a booking confirmation email/SMS or welcome messages, you can automate these processes and send timely messages to guests.

3. You’re relying on OTAs to drive bookings

The reason behind the success of OTAs is its ability to deliver a simple platform that lets guests book hotel rooms online. Though it favors guests by smoothing their booking process, it has been a greater disadvantage for hoteliers like you as it requires to pay commission on each booking.

With the help of Online Booking Engine, you can reduce the dependency over OTAs and drive commission-free bookings. The surprising fact is, around 52% of OTA visitors are clicking on the hotel websites to receive more information on the hotel and the offers it provides to guests. (Source: Pebble Design). Therefore, having an online booking system can help you to attract these guests and make them book directly from your website.

4. Your competitors might have one!

With the advent of internet and mobile devices, it becomes easy for guests to browse various sites before making a booking. If your hotel’s booking process is not simple and convenient, you are at the risk of losing your potential guests to your competitor, who has an easy-to-use booking system in-place.

Therefore, to outpace your competitors and meet your modern guests’ demands, invest in an online booking system.