5 Key factors that help you in making your hotel business successful!

Everyone wants to be successful, but only a few have achieved it. The common thing that makes one successful is paying attention to even the smallest details.

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest details.” - Giorgio Armani.

The above quote reflects the same idea.

Therefore, before considering any promotional campaigns, it is wise to reassess whether your digital foundation is strong enough to support it or not. In the digital era, your hotel’s success lies in these five key factors. The more you optimize it, the more you increase your hotel revenue.

1. Data

2. Website

3. Chatbots

4. Booking Engine

5. Staff



Data is full of facts and figures. Get better business insights by delving into it. Through these data, you can find out your major guest segment, their expectations, preferences, the room type that sells more, your best market, and best tool that helps you reach your guests.

These data will help you segment guest based on their purpose of visit, age, preferences, or geographical location. With this data, you can build compelling campaigns that help you focus and attract the right guests.

Paths that lead your guest to reach you!

In this digital world, your guest can reach you in various ways.  They can reach you organically or inorganically (Google AD's,  Facebook AD's, Instagram AD's, OTAs,  Metasearch Engine, and Sharing Economy).

It doesn't matter on which channel they find you. It is the end (your website) that matters really.


Your website is the digital gateway of your hotel. Optimize it properly to attain maximum results.

1. Website Responsiveness- Throughout the booking process, your guest relies on multiple devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile. To make your guest booking process convenient, optimize your website for mobile devices. Don’t let the shrunken web pages spoil your guest booking process.

2. Website speed- it is a must to make your pages load at the normal speed. Think it this way, even we in our day-to-day life browse lots of sites, and we abandon the sites that take time to load without giving it a second chance. It applies to your guest also. If your website page doesn’t load at a normal speed, the chances of guest abandoning your website are higher.

3. Content

The next major part that you need to focus on is your Website Content. Clustered website will make your guest feel worse. Instead, provide them with the right message, appealing images, and easy navigation options. State clearly how your service is unique from others and why they choose you over others.

4. Reputation Management

In this digital world, your guest decision, most of the time, depends on word of mouth given by your previous guests.

Fill your website with the right guest reviews/testimonials that attract your potential guests.

Therefore, find ways to make your website more responsive, load faster, set clear messages, and build trust with right reviews.


Imagine that, with your business insights, you have conducted campaigns successfully and driven more traffic to your website.

Is that enough?

Guests may still abandon your website for many reasons. Therefore, it is essential to try to communicate with your guests.

Chatbots help you in communicating with your guests. Once the visitor landed on the site, chatbots will automatically start communicating with your website visitors.

Even you can change messages based on the page your guest visits.

This tool is quite helpful in creating more conversions on your site. It assists the guest in their booking process by answering their questions like availability, prices, proximity to transportation hubs, and others.

Booking Engine

Booking engine plays a primary role in smoothening your guests’ booking process. Make it simple and provide easy navigation options. It helps your guests to book rooms from your website and Facebook page. As it is on your website, it ensures 24/7 availability, which means you’ll never miss any bookings.


Last but not least, your hotel staff is the one who is going to communicate with your guests throughout their stay.

Train them to empathize the needs of your guests. What really helps you in the hospitality industry is empathy. Understanding your customers' needs and providing them rightly on time is what stays in the heart of your guests.

Therefore, train your hotel staff and make them understand the importance of their role. Also, your hotel staff should be aware of your hotel’s vision and mission. By having a clear understanding of your hotel’s purpose, everyone (Hotel employees) will act in the right path and help you achieve your goal independently.

It is also of higher importance to recognize your staff efforts frequently. Motivate your staff, and they’ll make your guest happy.

By being inspired, your staff will better connect with your guests. This way, they can provide a better experience to guests, captivate them, and make them visit again.

The power of the hotel lies in its service. Give attention to all the important things that affect your relationship with your guest (Right from the moment the guest looks you at any social platforms, throughout their booking process, their stay at the hotel, and post-stay.)

It will help you to increase your hotel’s standard service levels.