Hotel Chains: Challenges and Ways to Overcome it with a Central Reservation System!


Hotels, all over the world, are undergoing a massive shift in terms of technology. While technology offers heaps of business opportunities, it also comes with new challenges.


In the digital age, independent hotels are still stumbling to manage their operations. For hotel chains, it becomes even more challenging to manage & streamline operations of multiple properties situated in different locations.


Hotel chains typically face two unique challenges than independent hotels,


  1. Lacking a centralized platform to perform and manage booking-related operations across properties
  2. As an owner, you do not have real-time access to all your properties’ business data in a single window.


Overcome these challenges with the Central Reservation System!


  1. A Central Reservation System is a centralized platform that helps hotel chains to check rates and availability of multiple properties instantly and allows staff to book rooms on a particular property from anywhere at any time. It allows staff to get back to guests’ booking-related queries faster.


  1. Not only it helps you in booking rooms on your properties, but it lets you send booking confirmations to guests quickly, block rooms upon guest request, cancel reservation, update guest reservation advance and many other booking-related activities.


  1. A Centralized Reservation System integrates with all your properties’ Front office. Therefore, if booking occurred in any of your properties through a Central Reservation System, then the system will automatically update the booking details in your properties’ Front Office, thus ensuring a seamless flow of information and putting an end to booking-related errors.


  1. It also helps you with effective staff management. As an administrator, you can create multiple users, disable/enable the users, and provide access control to staff based on the property and roles.


  1. A Central Reservation System offers an extensive reporting option that lets owners identify the overall/specific properties' performance and status. You can view the expected arrivals with the guest's history, overall bookings, materialization (number of rooms actually occupied by guests and generated revenue), no show reports, cancellation reports, reservation reminders, advance transaction reports and much more. Thus, it provides you with the complete details about your business performance and helps you take actionable steps.


Overall, a Central Reservation System acts as a greater aid for hotel chains. With less operational cost and limited staff, CRS allows hotel chains to attract more business opportunities, ensure impeccable management of bookings, increase operational efficiency across properties and gratify guests’ needs faster than ever.