Hotel Industry in 2020 - What technologies are going to innovate!

Technology is known to change the lifestyle of people, and it is still doing the job. The new revolutionary technologies, stacking on top, are showing new paths for every business including Hotels.

2019 was exciting with the advent of Industry 4.0 technologies. More use cases were developed for those technologies, and in addition to that, these technologies will be in live by 2020.

Hotels are one of the top sectors that adapt and benefit from technologies. Let's see what technologies are going to make an impact in the Hotel Sector in 2020.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the prime technology that rules over the current living style, especially in exercising control over all the appliances and services around us. Internet connectivity will be available everywhere, and guests can control the room appliances. From Room Keys to AC Remote, Gym access to Food order, everything can be performed through the Guest Mobile, which will be the most comfortable option for guests.

Dedicated applications

Dedicated applications are being designed by Hotels for their customers which will be scaled up with more advanced options such as Loyalty Profile, Multi-Lingual support, and Better security system. It will include a smart security system for access and payment. Such applications will also help hoteliers to retain their customers as there are more chances for the customers to look for rooms through the application when they have to visit the place again.

Easy accessible

Mobility solutions provide staff easy access to the hotel property and help them to perform their work from any location within the hotel premise. This will lead to the smooth operations of the hotel. It also ensures that staff can be accessed all the time.

Immersive technologies

Immersive technologies like AR and VR help hoteliers to deliver a greater stay experience in their hotel. With AR and VR, one can provide a more realistic and detailed information to guests, which will help them to make better decisions. Also, it acts as a good entertainment means for the current younger generation. Therefore, it could attract young guests.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can act as better support for customers, especially at places where Self - Service systems were provided. Hotels can benefit a lot with AI-powered systems. Also, many hotels have started incorporating bots in their hotels that serve minor operations in their hotel.

Voice-based interfaces are getting popular. It is the medium that connects guests and hotels and smoothens the interaction. Also, one can fasten the communication process with a voice interface.


Last to say is Blockchain - which is estimated to create a new way to distribute and track inventory, is waiting to create a huge impact on the hotel transactions.

2020 is close. With more such fascinating technologies, get ready to see the next leap.