Hotel self-serve kiosks: Why should you invest in it?


Adopting modern technologies help hotel industries to offset the growing number of real-time challenges. But it’s not just helping hoteliers in overcoming challenges, it is actually enhancing the speed and efficiency of operations and bringing flexibility to the whole system.


Self-serve Kiosk is one of those supporting technology tools. Located at your hotel lobby, these self-serve kiosks accelerate your guests’ check-in/check-out processes, free up staff from basic activities, improve accuracy, and help you accomplish greater guest satisfaction.


What is a self-serve Kiosk?


Self-serve Kiosks are interactive computer terminals that allow guests to check room availability and perform check-in/check-out, order food, and other operations.


Given such options, this self-serve system helps you make your guests feel comfortable and smoothen their staying experience with your hotel brand. Let’s dig deeper the benefits of adopting self-serve kiosks in your hotel,


No more queue lines!


Guests are no longer required to stand in a queue to complete their check-in process. Instead, they can check-in through this self-serve portal. Thus, it highly reduces the waiting time at the front desk.


No more errors!


Sometimes, staff could commit typo errors while entering the guest's information. It increases the chances of retrieving guests’ data wrongly. This chaos can be avoided with the usage of self-serve Kiosks. As it allows guests to enter their basic details, the accuracy of data will be higher.


Self-serve kiosks, integrated with Hotel Management Software, ensure seamless informational flow across the systems. Therefore, it gives you insights on guests, their market segment and preferences.


No more boring tasks!


Performing operations like check-in/check-out will eat up your staff's precious time. At the same time, guests who are already running late will never like to wait at the front desk to settle their bills and check-out.


Sort it out with self-serve kiosks. Streamline your guests’ check-in/check-out and billing processes.  Let your staff focus on more valuable operations that increase guest engagement.


No more missed opportunities!


Using kiosks can help you upsell your hotel services and not showcasing yourself too pushy. Hotels can advertise their services on these kiosks. Guests, on the other hand, can browse the offers and other service details in their leisure time. This can be an attractive opportunity for hotels to sell more. For guests, adding their preferred offers will be easier. 


More personalized services!


Add a personal touch to your guests at every stage with self-serve kiosks. These self-serve kiosks store your guests’ data and create personalized messages at your guests’ second visit. Even with these data, you can create personalized recommendations and packages that help you attract guests and upsell.