Hotel Website Speed: Why does it matter?


User Experience has never been so important than now. For hoteliers like you, the key to secure guests is by delivering amazing experiences. However, in the digital era, delivering exceptional services does not just start at your hotel. It starts when your guest gets into the first interaction with your brand online.


Hotel websites are one of the major digital touchpoints that lets your guests know about your hotel and book their stay. As it acts as a booking magnet tool, making it load faster will certainly increase booking conversions. Google study reveals that 53% of visitors abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than three seconds to load (Source: NextGuest).


Hotels need to understand the fact that, in the world where guests have abundant choices, they will not prefer to spend time on sites that take longer time to load. They’ll just abandon your site! Therefore, website speed can also be a determining factor in the guests’ booking process.


Website speed can have a ripple effect on your search engines’ ranking. When it comes to organic rankings, search engines like Google now consider the speed of your site as one of the ranking factors. Faster sites mean better rankings!


Ways to measure your website speed


Website speed can be measured using tools like Google Pagespeed Insights. This tool will completely audit your site, showcase your page speed score (Out of 100), and provide you with optimization insights. 


Another way to measure your page speed is to track the total time taken to load your site on the first byte.


Some other website speed analyzer tools are GTmetriz, Pingdom, WebPageTest, Test My Site with Google and to name a few.


Apart from this, you can also analyze your website page speed with Google Analytics. It offers insights on your page speed, the average time taken to load based on browser, devices, and regions. Google Analytics also provides you with optimization tips that can help you increase your website speed.


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