How can you solve major OTA challenges with Hotel Management Software?

If you are in the hotel industry for a long time, then you might definitely come across the term Online Travel Agency. If not, here’s a quick introduction to online travel agencies.

Online Travel Agencies, in short, known as OTAs, are online platforms in which you can promote your hotel and obtain bookings. While it sounds great on the surface level, if you go deeper, you can find the associated major challenges with it. Therefore, you need to find innovative ways to reduce dependency over OTAs.

Let’s discuss a few tips that help you solve major OTA challenges using Hotel Management Software.

1. Commission

OTAs are great. It maximizes your hotel visibility and increases your hotel bookings, but you need to pay from 15% to 30% commission on each booking you receive from these channels.

Big industry players are driving all their efforts towards marketing to increase direct bookings, thereby reducing the dependency over OTAs. What about small and mid-sized hotels like yours? How can you overcome this challenge?

To offset this challenge, you need to analyze the effectiveness of all the OTA channels you’ve invested in. Not only this, with the help of Hotel Management Software, you can analyze your major guest segment, guest source, guest type, and other details. By gleaning into this data, you can understand your best working channel, market, guest source, peak, and off-seasons. With this data, you can embark on your marketing activities in the right market and through the right channel to increase your direct bookings.

2. Booking-related Challenges

Managing OTAs is not a cinch! It’s laborious and time-consuming. Employees need to update the room status and pricing manually in all the OTAs, which is error-prone. And oftentimes, the lack of centralized management will end up in overbooking, double-booking and other booking-related challenges.

Unless you invest in Hotel Management Software and Channel Manager, there’ll be no option for you to centrally update your room inventory status and pricing across the OTA channels.

Cheerze Connect’s Channel Manager, integrated with HMS, offers a wide range of OTAs connectivity that helps you amplify your hotel visibility globally and simplify the management process by giving one point of contact for all the channels.

3. Guest Data

OTAs will never unveil the guests’ data. If OTAs didn’t share the guests’ data, then it becomes impossible for hoteliers like you to reach out to your guests and provide great pre-arrival experience.

To sort it out, you need to leverage your marketing data from your Hotel Management Software and focus more on marketing campaigns, which will ultimately aim to encourage guests to book direct.