How hotels can boost their bottom line using promotions


Amidst the sea of competition, attracting your guests and generating new revenue streams becomes crucial than ever.


Promotions go a long way in attracting new business opportunities, thereby helping you increase your hotel’s revenue.


Here are the four types of promotions you could implement in your hotel,

#Seasonal Promotions


Seasonal promotions majorly help hotels maintain the occupancy rates and drive revenue during peak and trough times.


Create dynamic pricing to attract guests based on the market demands. For instance, offering rooms for extended guest stays or providing a convincing offer that makes guests stay longer or avail additional services are good business tactics. It helps you increase revenue.


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Conducting events is another way that boosts your hotel revenue. It will attract both local guests as well as travelers.


Whether you conduct a magic show, art events or fitness programs in your hotel, promote it in the appropriate market, attract guests and increase revenue.




Packages help you attract both new and existing guests. In the competitive world, try offering something unique so that your competitor cannot outrank you. If your hotel runs an in-house restaurant, then offer the best selling recipe to your guests.


Likewise, if your hotel destination is culture-rich, then build a local sightseeing package. It helps guests to experience your local cultural richness and make them feel they’re a part of it.


#Loyalty Programs


Look at your existing guests. They can be a great source for additional revenue. Encourage your guests to stay with you by rewarding special offers. Most guests look for value in each penny they spend.


Therefore, convince them to stay with you by adding value to their stays. It may be discounting event tickets for complimentary, offering delicious wine, or discounting 15% on guest booking this portal/referring a guest.


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Guest expectations vary. Therefore, it is essential to understand their preferences and behavior. Using Hotel Management Software like Cheerze Connect helps you in maintaining your guest repository. It gives insights on your guest segments, their preferences and their purpose of stay. Not only it helps you in understanding guests, but it helps you in predicting market trends, channels that drive more sales. With this concrete data, you can create personalized offers, promote them on the best working channels that attract and keep your guests visiting your hotel.