How hotels can effectively use QR technologies

Are QR codes dead? Do alternative technologies like NFC tags, Beacon technology, and Geofencing are superseding the QR technology?

Not at all! QR codes are still popular in the industry. The industry behemoth’s recent product update has given new hope for QR code technology to rise again. Apple’s stealth update that lets QR codes to be scanned directly through the camera app.

Moreover, the average speed of the Internet has also increased to 5.6 Mbps which lets users scan QR codes blindingly fast. Studies show that by 2020, 90% of the world population will be able to access high-speed internet (Source: Beaconstac). All these show a promising place for QR codes technology in the tech world.

A quick overview of QR code technology

Quick Response Code, in short, known as QR codes, is based on a bar code reader technology. It aids businesses to share information swiftly with their mobile audience. It can be seen in magazines, advertising billboards, on business cards, and on any objects about which a user might expect or want information. The role of QR code is to store information (URLs, authentication or log in details). With a smartphone and right application reader, it can be decoded and redirects users to the relevant sites.

Effective use of QR codes in the hospitality industry

In the hotel industry, QR codes can be used for two major purposes. The first one is to promote the hotel’s advertising, marketing, and upselling activities. The second purpose is to deliver a better experience to your guests.

Using QR codes can help you in sharing information with your mobile guests. It can be helpful for you to drive online traffic to your sites right from the printed material to digital signage.

QR codes in hotel marketing

QR codes play a great role in retargeting guests. Guests who engage more than once with a brand have a higher possibility of conversion. Guests who view hotel ads and scans the QR code will be added into the retargeting lists, which means they will start seeing the hotel’s online ads on Google and Facebook.

Other than online ads, hotels can also use QR codes in printed materials like advertising billboards, magazines, newspapers, and business cards. Through this, hotels can gain the attention of their offline audience and redirect them to the desired sites.


QR codes can be placed on the hotel front desk. Guests can scan QR codes on their arrival. It will redirect to the site where guests can get complete details about the hotel’s additional services (SPA, Swimming Pool, GYM, Room Upgrade, etc.).

QR Code Lock

QR code lock acts as multi-factor authentication to strengthen the security of guests’ rooms. Guests with QR code can lock and unlock their hotel rooms.

Welcome messages

Include QR codes on guests’ welcomes notes. Scanning the QR codes can redirect to hotel’s sites and ask them to like to social channels. It helps hotels to drive traffic to their social channels and increase their social media followers.

Digital Signage

Using QR codes on digital signage is another engagement method that helps hotels to share vital information with guests. Guests, who scan the QR codes, will redirect to the site which might provide nuggets of information about the local attractions, top restaurants, local events, and other travel tips.

QR Code and Augmented Reality

Implementing QR code in augmented reality applications can make guests’ stay memorable. Integrate with augmented reality, it is called as AR Code. Guests can scan the QR code with mobile devices. It will redirect to the AR application and guests can view the 3D dimensional image on top of their device.

Sharing your hotel’s milestones 

Hotels can share their history and milestone with guests by letting them scan the QR codes positioned in different places within hotel premises.


QR codes at guest folio will redirect guests to review platforms. This is another quickest and easiest way to track more reviews.

Loyalty Programs

Hotels can create a loyalty app with QR codes. Guests on purchases will receive their loyalty points by simply scanning the QR codes.