How hotels can get benefited from Google My Business

Have you optimized your Google My Business (GMB) profile? Not yet!

Then, you’re probably missing out on lots of business opportunities than you think!

Getting started and optimizing your Google My Business profile can help your hotel to get rank for local searches and of course drive organic traffic to your sites.

Setting up Google My Business profile is simple. And, it is completely free!

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an easy-to-use tool that lets you manage your online presence and connect with your audience across Google, including Search and Maps.

Let’s buckle down the major benefits one by one,

1. Local Pack Results

Google, at its core, wants to deliver an exceptional user experience to its users by providing the latest and relevant answers/solutions to their queries. They have recently added featured snippets to the SERPs.

On the other side, Google Maps has become an inevitable tool for travelers that completely helps them to guide in an entirely new location.

Adding your hotel’s address, website URL, phone number on your Google My Business (GMB) Profile and further positioning a marker on the location of your hotel on the Google map can result in huge benefits.

Let’s say, a guest enters ‘Hotels near me’ or ‘Hotels near Chennai Airport’. If your hotel is located near it and optimized for GMB, then the probabilities of displaying your hotel in the local pack results are higher.

At the same time, if a guest directly enters your hotel brand name, then they will get the complete information of your hotel that includes your hotel website link, physical address, contact details, and also directions to your location.

By providing touchpoints details like ‘Website link’ and ‘Phone number’, guests can easily contact you via your website or call directly.

With Google My Business (GMB) profile, your hotel can get better ranking in local searches, increase visibility, and drive more relevant traffic to your site. As guests can get complete information about your hotel, it becomes crucial for you to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date.


2. Customize your hotel amenities

With Google My Business, you can customize your hotel’s amenities like Free wi-fi, pet-friendly, Spa or Gym. By adding your hotel amenities, you can attract guests who are specifically looking for these special amenities. Google also allows guests to filter the hotels by selecting the amenities they’re looking for. 

With increasing Voice search, guests started searching like ‘Hotels near Chennai Airport with Free Wi-Fi, and Shuttle Services’. Therefore, customizing your hotel amenities can help you attract specific audiences who are looking for the exact services.


3. High-Quality Images

As a hotel owner, you can add your hotel’s high-quality photos that kindle the viewers’ desire to book a stay in your hotel. At the same time, Google tends to reward businesses that have lots of high-quality photos.

Request guests to add high-quality pictures while giving a review. It is also essential to assess your photo gallery on GMB to add new attractive images relevant to each category and remove outdated pictures.


4. Guest Reviews

Getting positive reviews can be a competitive edge for your hotel business as it plays an influential part in guests’ booking decisions. Google also considers guests’ reviews as the ranking signal. Even it lets guests filter hotels based on the reviews.

Google My Business profile lets you manage your Google Reviews better than ever. It notifies you whenever a guest leaves a review and lets you respond more quickly. It also allows businesses to report on bogus reviews.

Most importantly, it is essential to request guests to share high-quality images of your hotel. A poor quality image can negatively affect your reputation and bookings.


5. Engage with Guests

Google My Business also acts as a messaging platform. Guests can send you messages or ask a question about your hotel brand. It sends notifications whenever someone texts you, raises a question or answers your question. With Google My Business, you can set a reply/welcome message that will be sent to the person automatically.

Another major factor is guests can send a booking request through this messaging portal.


6. Check-in/Check-out time

Google, recently, announced that hotel owners can provide their hotels’ check-in/check-out times. By providing such information, guests can plan their arrival accordingly. Apart from this, hotels can promote other business services like Spa or internal stores that are located within your hotel.


7. It helps you keep track your website performance

Google My Business offers boundless opportunities for hotels; It also helps hotel owners to keep track of their performance like website traffic and extract guest insights.


Direct Searches Vs Discovery Searches

Google uses these terminologies that help you to understand how your guests find your hotel.

  • Direct Search is a search type where users are familiar with your hotel brand and types in your hotel brand name or website URL directly into their browsers.
  • Discovery Search/Branded Search is a search type where guests use terms like ‘F&B Hotels’, ‘Hotels near me’, ‘Hotels near Elliot’s Beach, Chennai’ or use brands like ‘Hotels near Phoenix Mall’ to discover hotels.

With Google My Business portal, you can understand whether guests visit your site directly or use other destination names to discover your property. With this data, you can further optimize your listing for other destination keywords located near your hotel or improvise your brand visibility.


Views on Search/Map

Google Maps has become a search mode among travelers. Google My Business also offers insights on modes that drive higher traffic to your sites. Studies reveal that the hospitality industry is getting more views on Maps in comparison with Search.

However, whether your guests find you via Search/Map, with GMB, they can see all the latest information about your hotel and they can filter results using a variety of options.


Customers’ Top Actions

GMB also lets you monitor actions taken by your guests. It can help you track how many of them click on ‘Visit Website’, ‘Call us’ option, send requests for directions.

Google My Business is a great treasure for marketing your hotel business. Optimize it properly, increase local searches, traffic, and conversions.