How hotels can reduce operational costs with a cloud HMS


While it’s essential to discover new business opportunities, it’s also vital to find ways to reduce operational costs and be profitable.


There are lots of ways to do it- But, investing in a cloud-based Hotel Management System can make your job easier and achievable. Nevertheless, the primary goal of Hotel Management Software is to automate hotel operations and increase guest satisfaction. It also helps hoteliers in cutting operational costs and increasing revenue.


In this blog post, we’ll discuss the operational areas where a cloud-based Hotel Management Software can assist you in cutting operational costs and boost your bottom line.


1. Zero/Lower investment on Hardware


Switching from a traditional hotel management system to a cloud-based hotel management software itself can render you lots of benefits.


One of the benefits is zero investment on the server. Since it is a cloud-based hotel management software, you don’t need to worry about investment on the server and other maintenance issues. Apart from these, in the traditional environment, any hardware failure can cause downtime of application, and it directly affects your operational performance.


Take a leap. Invest in a cloud-based hotel management software and get relieved from the hassles of installation and maintenance process and huge expenses associated with it.


Cheerze Connect offers a cloud-based Hotel Management Software, backed by rock-solid platform (Microsoft Azure). It means that your property will be up and live all the time. In addition, your data will be backed-up automatically, thus ensuring zero data loss protection.


2. Focus on Guests; Not on Operations!


A Cloud-based Hotel Management Software lets you make a drastic shift among your staff roles- from operations-focused to guest-focused. Since cloud HMs automate every aspect of your hotel operations, you can let your staff focus on guest-related activities and define their KPIs better than ever. Relieving staff from basic hotel activities and giving them meaningful tasks can reduce employee churn rates. Simultaneously, involving staff in guest-related activities help you deliver rich guest experiences.


However, employee churn rates cannot be reduced completely. At the same time,  hiring new employees and training them will take time, which creates friction in your hotel operations. It can also be addressed by cloud-based hotel management software. Cloud-based hotel management software automates every operation, and most of them are user-friendly. With little help, your staff can get started working on the platform.


Cheerze Connect provides a comprehensive Hotel Management Software. It helps you in performing your day-to-day hotel operations with ease. With unlimited training sessions, getting new staff onboard will become easy.


3. Cutting costs on expenditures


Having a sharp eye on your expenses is crucial to keep your business sustainable. With the help of cloud HMS, one can track their expenses, understand whether their efforts reap desired results or not, and devise an effective plan to deliver better results. 


As it synchronizes with all the hotel modules in real-time, you can know the currently available stocks, stocks that will expire soon, unwanted stocks, best-working suppliers, supplier-wise tracking, changes in KoT, and a lot. Tracking all these will give better glimpses into things that you never noticed before and also helps you prevent staff pilferage.


Monitoring these little things closely can help you cut unwanted expenses and increase your profit margin.


Cheerze Connect, with its in-built modules, helps you in tracking your stock inventory effectively and showing ways to reduce costs spent on unwanted items.


4. Make the right decisions


Whether it is plunging into a new market or making changes in the current strategies, looking into your existing data can help you make clearer decisions.


A Cloud-based HMS can provide you with a plethora of real-time reports that give deep insights into your business markets and performance.


Cheerze Connect offers an MIS application that keeps you up-to-date with your hotel performance on the go. It provides summarized reports of your hotel reservations, sales and revenue on mobile devices, thus always helping you in making the right decisions.