In this digital age, information about anything and everything is available at your fingertips. Imagine a potential customer scrolling down hotel listings for a pleasant stay. The options are endless and overwhelming. Yet, out of this, they narrow it down to one hotel. Are you wondering how your hotel can stand out from the crowd? This is where social proof can work wonders to attract potential customers.

What is social proof?
In simple words, it is a psychological phenomenon where people try to mimic the actions of others to fit in a situation. People are usually drawn to popular opinion. Especially in unfamiliar grounds, people are likely to observe others and follow their actions. In marketing, the same strategy is used in a different way. Social proof shows how others have benefitted from using your product or service.

In what ways can hotels use social proof?

1. Certification and achievements:
It is no secret that people are attracted to achievers. What better way to show it than proudly displaying your certification and awards? Did your hotel bag an award for cleanliness? Did it get featured in the top 10 affordable hotels? Mention them on your website.

2. Reviews and ratings:
You can spend time, money, and effort listing all the wonderful things that your hotel offers. But customers will not get swayed by it until they see good ratings and reviews from other customers. Statistics show that people are more likely to trust hotels with higher ratings. It gives them assurance to make the right decision.

3. Case Studies:
Case studies can be shown through info-graphics, downloadable PDFs, blog posts, videos, and podcasts. They can be in the form of interviews. It should include how the customers found satisfaction, the features they liked, things they found new or exciting, and how likely they are to recommend your hotel to others.

4. Testimonials:
They should be crisp, genuine, and describe which aspect of your service the customer liked. It creates a sense of trust and relatability.

5. Storytelling:
Storytelling is a powerful tool to show the core values of your hotel. Keep your audience in mind. Show how your hotel makes their life better. This creates an emotional connection.

6. Celebrity Endorsement:
This is an age-old technique. Try to rope in a celebrity with a huge fan following. If they tweet or post about your hotel, it helps in gaining a better reach.

7. Statistics:
A good business is all about big numbers, isn't it? So, show the number of decades you've been in the industry, how many customers you've served, and the number of branches you have around the world.