How technology and data help you in enhancing your guest satisfaction

Have you ever thought about what makes your guests satisfied? What makes them come back to your hotel?

The answers may vary from person to person. The point is, there is no single factor that affects or improvise your hotel guest satisfaction. Rather, each factor plays a crucial role in providing exemplary services. Therefore, being as a hotelier, you need to pay close attention to all the guest-facing processes to provide best customer services.

Building a customer-centric approach

Focusing on the customer-centric framework can help you in achieving high customer satisfaction. A customer-centric framework helps you in providing positive guest experience before, during their stay, and after their visit in order to repeat business.  

Two critical things that help you in enhancing your guest experiences,

  1. Technology
  2. Data (information collected from various touchpoints)


With the growing digital transformation and convergence of modern technologies like personalized booking engine, next-gen hotel management system, mobile check-ins, messaging apps, voice assistants, chatbots and many more, enhancing guest satisfaction requires all these systems to work in parallel.


In the world of digitalization, hotels need to process data collected from various digital touchpoints to convert them into meaningful results.

With this processed data, you can understand different types of guests visiting your hotel, their particular interests, and their preferred medium of communication. It helps you connect with your guests at the right time through the right medium with the right information or offer, which increases your hotel guest satisfaction and build loyalty among guests.

How today’s technology and data impact guest satisfaction in each of these stages,

Consideration Stage

Identifying your potential customers starts in this stage. This stage majorly focuses on building brand awareness and attracting potential customers. Paid advertisements can help you reach your potential customers based on their past browsing behavior. If your guests visit your hotel website early in some time and left without taking any action, using remarketing, you can stand in front of the guests again. It is also possible to attract new potential customers by analyzing their recent interests.

Booking Stage

Having a website with good design and easy-to-use booking engine is essential to drive more conversions. Once your guest landed on your website, try to track their behavior like which page they are viewing and where they are spending most of their time. Tracking user behavior will help you in understanding what your typical guests expect in a hotel and feed them with more relevant information.

For example, a business traveler indeed will check if the hotel provides better Wi-Fi services and other meeting spaces. They wish to see these kinds of information on the hotel website. Including images of a meeting event or testimony of a business guest works well in attracting similar guests.   

A good booking engine is easy-to-use and also collects special preferences of a guest, which helps you in making preparations and providing the desired services at the time of arrival and in-stay.


To further personalize the guests stay, it is essential to send pre-stay messages/emails to your guests. Sending confirmation emails or messages build a good rapport with guests. You can also send personalized messages with best offers, which increases your hotel sale- a working upsell strategy. Also, sending welcome notes/emails can help you in building good guest relationships. You can also ask guests whether they look for pick-up services from the airport or other transportation hubs. These kinds of small actions make your guest's stay pleasant, and it shows that you care about them.


With growing messaging apps and other technologies like voice-assistants, hotel guests can communicate with guests at any time. Real-time communication can help staff to address guest issues instantly and provide better solutions. This will indeed increase your guest satisfaction. Plus, you can also promote bar, spa and other room upgrade options with discounts, which increases your hotel sales and guest satisfaction.


Through email or in-app survey, you can collect more information about your guests, which help you know more about your guests. With this data, you can provide exceptional services in their next visit. You can also identify guests who are interested in your hotel services. By identifying these guests, you can send personalized emails or messages to make them visit again. In addition, you can send birthday and anniversary wishes to your guests. It helps you to get deeply connected with your guests.