How to attract and meet the demands of business travelers?

The global corporate travel is booming. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), Business travel is expected to touch $1.6 trillion, in the year 2020. As it is lucrative, capitalizing this market segment by catering to the needs of modern business travelers can boost your hotel revenue. 

Challenges ahead,

Business travel has also been geared up because of low-cost airlines and staying accommodations, which makes it possible for even SMEs to travel overseas and explore new opportunities.

However, the emergence of modern accommodations filled the entire road with complexities for traditional accommodation providers.

Moreover, business travelers nowadays have access to the sea of information at their fingertips. As a result, they surf through multiple hotel sites, OTAs, review platforms, and other sites and compare prices and offers before they make a decision.

Therefore, in the competitive landscape, attracting the right guests and retaining them becomes harder than ever.    

Ways to overcome,

Incorporating a people-first approach in your hotel helps you in spending more time in analyzing and understanding the business travelers’ needs and finding creative solutions to fulfill their needs.

Here, we’ve covered some common expectations of a business traveler,

1. Quick Services

For business travelers, of all ages, time is more precious than any other thing. Therefore, providing expedited check-in and check-out processes create a long-lasting impression on their minds.

To do this, invest in a hotel management software which helps you to automate most of your hotel operations. Plus, use modern tools like chatbots and other self-service applications to communicate and meet your business guests’ specific needs instantly.

2. Helping staff

Even though today’s travelers are well-accustomed to use mobile applications and modern devices, the need for human touch is highly essential to make the guests’ stay even more comfortable.

Train your staff to be more helpful. Anticipating guest needs and providing timely solutions will help you to connect with your hotel guests.

3. Shuttle services

Business travelers highly recommend these kinds of services provided by the hotel. Delivering such services will make your business guests’ to be on-time for the events or meetings, which make their outside trips more pleasant and hassle-free.

4. Wi-Fi

Offering free/good Wi-Fi services can make your hotel preferable than others. Business travelers will certainly in need of accessing various business-related applications. Failing to access these applications due to a poor network can create a negative ripple effect on your guests.

5. Meeting Amenities

Design your hotel room in a way that helps your business guests to organize and perform their tasks properly. Consider lighting, the place where you fix the writing desks, pen holders, printer, insulated room setting to prevent outside noise entering into their room, providing multiple plug-ins and so on. The more you contemplate on the convenience of your guests, the more value you can provide, which increases your guest satisfaction and retention. 

6. Local Experience

Today, most business travelers prefer modern accommodations due to the local experiences they provide. Providing local dishes as a complimentary dinner, and the place to connect with other professionals will help your business guests to learn new things and upskill themselves. These kinds of offers will help you compete with modern accommodation providers.

7. Attracting the right audience

Testimonials can go a long way in attracting potential guests. Promote your guest testimonials on your website, social channels and other review platforms. This will indeed inspire more guests to your hotel.