How to attract more guests to your hotel?

To sell more is the core objective of any business. For hotels, it is increasing the bookings of their rooms and making guests avail additional services. 

Today, in the growing competitive landscape, offer-based campaigns become a vital strategy for hotels to stay profitable in their hotel business. Following are the methods and models, hotels are employing to attract guests and upsell their hotel features.

Providing Offers

Offers are quite attractive, regardless of the benefits, it provides. People run behind offers, which creates a healthy game for hoteliers to pull more customers to their hotels. Cash backs and offers create a huge impact on the guests’ decision process.

Providing Combos

Delivering Services as Combos is one of the very successful models in Food and Hotel Industry. Combos like Two Day Stay, Sightseeing Plan, plus, free local event tickets let the guest prefer your hotel than others. In addition, guests can utilize other services provided by hotels such as food, transportation, etc.

Complimentary services

Complimentary services, no doubt, are a classical method to attract guests to your hotel. Providing complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, free room services, free room upgrade services, free amenities, etc. are commonly adopted free services.

Loyalty Program

Customer retention plays an important role in bringing your customers back to your hotel. Loyalty Program is one of the most popular models to retain customers and gain repeated visits. Further, by providing special offers to revisiting guest, you can build strong guest relationships and increase brand loyalty.

Hotels that are the one-stop destination for all the travel and accommodation needs should employ different models such as the above list in order to achieve high success in their business.