How to influence and win the loyalty of Millennials?


With 2019 blurring out of the spotlight, now it’s worth considering what the future holds for the hospitality industry- Moving forward, who is going to make up the massive guest segment? What might they expect? As well as, how will it affect your hotel business?


Millennials are comprising the major guest segment both now and moving forward. It is estimated that millennials will be the greater part of the workforce worldwide by the year 2020. In fact, Millennials are representing the biggest business travel portion. According to a study, 38% of millennials work for travel, while in comparison with 23% and 8% of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, respectively.


Therefore, it is essential for hoteliers to look deeper to truly understand this trend-setting guest segment ‘Millennials’- Who are they? Are they tech-savvy guests? What will interest them the most? What would be their expectations in a hotel? How to influence and win their loyalty?




‘Digital Natives’ is the right term to define Millennials. Millennials aren’t interested in traditional travel, rather they are informed, demanding, expect convenient self-services from the hotel, and seek profound and authentic experience during their travels. Let’s see how to influence and win the loyalty of Millennial Travels.


The Demand for Self Service Solutions.


Millennials are digital natives- a well-known fact. Therefore, when it comes to travel, digital technology plays a significant role. Millennials always demand mobile capabilities and want to control every aspect of their travel. They prefer user-friendly mobile and self-service technology as it delivers convenient ways to communicate with the hotel and control their stay. 66% of millennials book their trip using a smartphone. 74% of travelers use it for research. At the same time, the usage of social media is highly common among millennial travelers. The recent stats reveal that 97% of travelers will share their experience in social platforms, while 87% of millennial travelers use social media to get inspired and search for new destinations for travel. As millennials depend on mobile technology in each phase of their travel, therefore it becomes crucial for hotels to deliver supporting mobile technology to ease their stay.


While it is not to say that millennials are entirely dependent on digital devices, personalized human-touch is also essential. Therefore, providing them choices across all the touchpoints is crucial.


Loyalty Programs


The traditional method of point-based loyalty programs is not interesting for today’s millennial travelers. Millennials want to be rewarded for their loyalty with unique personalized perks or instant deals, which provide instant gratification. In fact, according to an ICEF Monitor study, nearly 86% of all travelers "like or value personalized offers," and enhancement in this area will bring more success for the travel and hospitality sector.


Deliver a unique and memorable experience.


Millennials desire to have a meaningful and authentic experience. Almost 86% of millennials travel for experience and culture. 60% of them rank authentic culture as the most vital part of their travel.


Hotels need to understand this burning desire of Millennials to experience the destination like a local, gain new and meaningful experience in their trips and share those experiences online in real-time. Therefore, hotels need to carefully create their offerings like hotel packages, upsell opportunities, and loyalty programs, which help millennials to get the desired experience.