How to list your hotel on TripAdvisor?


Travelers all around the world consider TripAdvisor as one of the most reliable sites to gather information about a destination they’re planning to visit.


Through this review platform, one can easily get a wealth of information about attractions, accommodations, and other local businesses.


TripAdvisor gets millions of visitors per month. Given this, it becomes crucial for you to list your property, to get world-wide exposure. Get additional direct traffic and revenue opportunities by listing your property on TripAdvisor.


Here are the step-by-step processes that help you list your property on TripAdvisor.


Step 1: Filling your basic information


Listing your property on TripAdvisor is very simple. Go to List an Accommodation on Tripadvisor. Fill in the form with relevant details about your business. You need to provide details such as your name, email ID, your business role, and your business information like your property’s address, country, State, Zip Code, etc.


Note: If you can find your City in the drop-down menu, then check the ‘Your City is Not Listed’ checkbox. You can mark your exact location on the map given below.


Once, you’ve filled the entire form with the right details, then click on the submit option. Your property is successfully listed on TripAdvisor. You can also make changes in the existing listing by visiting the ‘Management Centre.’


Step 2: Add high-resolution images & compelling description


Nothing can attract your guests than powerful images. Because images will get easily registered on your guests’ minds and it is a big inducement for guests to book a stay in a property.


Add high-resolution images of your hotel and write a compelling description of your property. If you have any special offerings, then highlight it.


Step 3: Ask guests to share their reviews


Encouraging guests to leave reviews is very crucial. It will increase your TripAdvisor ranking. Review sites like TripAdvisor will display properties that have higher reviews in comparison with properties that have lower reviews.  


Request your guests to share their reviews at the time of check-out. After their stay, send email/messaging reminders to your guests to rate and review your property on TripAdvisor. If possible, send gift cards to encourage guests to post their reviews.


Finally, it is very important to continuously monitor and manage your listing effectively. Update your business information regularly to provide the latest information to your guests. Share travel tips or other useful information to engage with your potential guests. Respond to your guests’ positive/negative reviews in a professional and friendly tone. It shows that you care about your guests and value them.