How to personalize your guest's stay?

The hospitality business is about providing a greater experience to your guests. Knowing guests more than just their basic profile will help you provide personalized services and exceed their expectations. It helps you make your mark in the hyper-competitive marketplace.

Listed down some of the tricks that help you find some of the best information to personalize your guest stay.

1. Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software not only helps you in automating your hotel operations, rather it provides nuggets of information about your guests’ preferences during their stay. Hotels can use this information to make the particular guest’s second visit an awesome one.

More than just basic guest details, a hotel management software integrated with all other guest-facing tools, gives greater insights on what kind of food your guest likes, what kind of room your guest prefers, etc. It also enumerates special requests made by your guest during their previous visit.

2. Social Media Sites

Social sites are other great resources for you to find your guest’s likes and dislikes. You can easily find your guest’s account with their email IDs. By going through their social profiles, you can find what kind of music, albums, or songs they like, what kind of magazines interest them, their food preferences, TV programs they prefer to watch, etc.

By collecting this information, you can provide personalized services by offering guest’s favorite music album, reminding them about their favorite TV show. And, also making their morning more interesting by providing them their favorite magazines & newspapers.

These kinds of small deeds will make your guest’s stay unforgettable. After all, true hospitality is making guests feel better.

3. Surveys

Conducting surveys help you in understanding both previous guests and prospective guests. The purpose of conducting surveys for potential guests is to understand the current market trends and guest demands. And conducting surveys for the previous guest will help you to acquire a clear understanding of your guest who recently stayed in your hotel.

For the bigger audience, survey questions should be framed in a way which helps you understand the guest's expectations over a hotel.

Like, what kind of offers make guests to select a hotel? What are the common expectations at the time of check-in? Do guests prefer human assistance over self-check-in or self-service mobile apps?

For your hotel guests, you can create separate survey campaigns that help you understand their likes and dislikes in their stay. This kind of information will help you acquire an in-depth understanding of your guest’s needs and how to improve yourself in providing more personalized service to your guest.