How to set up your hotel ad in Quora?


Quora, the most popular question and answer platform, is growing at a very fast pace with millions of unique monthly users. The website has become one of the highest content generation tools.


Travelers always plan their trips with lots of research and discussion. This forum is being identified as one of the best platforms for research and clarifications.


For example, being a traveler, you are researching a new city to travel. If anyone from the city answers the question posted by you, the value of the information would be high, as it is more authentic, and it will help you to make better decisions.


In recent times, Quora is also used as a platform to advertise online. Many businesses have started using it for advertising because of its potential.


Let's look into a short step-by-step guide on how to advertise your hotel in Quora.


Quora provides an exclusive dashboard for Ad Management similar to Google / Facebook Ad manager.


Quora Ad manager has four tabs.


  • Manage Ads - It helps you to create ads.
  • Billing - It helps you with the payments. 
  • Account Settings and conversion pixel - Both of them, help you to track the impact (performance) of your ad.


How to create an ad in Quora?


Step 1: Open Ad manager. Select create campaigns and set a name and a daily budget. Before proceeding further, check whether your conversion pixel is working.


Step 2: Next, you have to create an ad set by entering the following information - topic, target information such as location, and platform. Further, set the Cost Per Click/Cost Per Impression based on your budget.


Step 3: Finally, start creating your ad by giving the following information - Ad Name, Business Name, Headline, Description, Landing Page URL, Display URL, Call to Action and similar information requested.


Once it is done the ad will be published. Ensure you are following the performance of the ad by regularly checking the conversion pixel. Set your payment mode and pay for the views.


Advertising in Quora will be very easy for people who are experienced in Google and Facebook advertising. Don't miss this platform to create high traffic for your website.