How to solve five major guest complaints with Hotel Management Software?

Guests today are less tolerable of shoddy services than ever before. Taking advantage of the Internet, guests, nowadays, have the power to break or build your hotel brand. A dissatisfied guest can leave a bad review about your hotel, which might ruin your hotel reputation and impedes potential guests from doing business with you! Therefore, it is vital to address your guest complaints on-time.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, it is wise to invest in an essential technology tool like Hotel Management Software that helps you in eradicating guest complaints and ensures smooth operation in your hotel. After all, smooth operations can build a positive effect on your guests and will enhance your guest satisfaction.

Let’s see how to avoid the major guest complaints using Hotel Management Software

1. Check-in

One of the most frustrating moments for hotel guests is to wait in the lobby to complete their check-in process. After having a long-trip, asking guests to wait to complete their check-in process can make them feel worse and create bad impressions on their minds.

Hotels, implementing in a next-gen Property Management Software, can drastically reduce the time taken to complete the check-in process. Staff can make a quick check-in by simply entering the guests’ first name and last name and selecting the staying period. In their leisure time, staff can ask guests and fill the remaining guest data.

2. Dirty Room

No one likes to stay in a dirty room! If your guest complaints about an untidy room, act promptly and address their issue. Because cleanliness plays an essential role in making your guest stay comfortable.

However, with Hotel Management Software, you can evade this challenge. Firstly, Hotel Management Software, with its dedicated Housekeeping module, helps you to keep your hotel room and surrounding environment clean and welcoming. It will not let you book a room marked as ‘Dirty’. Even if a guest complains about their untidy room, Front desk staff can quickly assign tasks to the housekeeping staff and also monitor whether the issue has been addressed promptly or not.

3. Failing to recognize your loyal guests

More than a complaint, failing to recognize your repeat guests shows the lag on your guest services. Guests will appreciate it if you recognize them and offer them their preferred room or favorite food as a complimentary breakfast. It will help you build a stronger bond with guests and encourage them to visit again.

A good Property Management Software can help you in tracking your guest history efficiently. It lets you view a particular guest’s preferred room, food preferences and other special preferences that help you to deliver personalized services to your guests.

4. Finding it inconvenient to settle the bill on multiple times

Like the previous case, it is considered more inconvenient than a complaint. Guests find it inconvenient to carry their wallets (within hotel premises) wherever they go! Rather, letting guests pay their restaurant and other bills (charges for utilizing amenities) during check-out (as a final settlement) will be flexible for them.

Investing in an effective Hotel Management Software (Integrated with Smart Point-Of-Sale) can help you in charging guest bills to their guest room. Therefore, guests don’t need to swipe their cards every time they buy or avail of your services. This lets them enjoy their stay seamlessly.

5. Overbooking or turn-away guests

Often, as a hotel owner, you dealt with turn-away guests due to overbooking. Facing turn-away guests can be hard. To sort this out, you can help them in finding accommodation nearby. This will somewhat make them calm down and reduce bad impression on your brand.

However, with Hotel Management Software (Integrated with Channel Manager), you can reduce overbooking and double-booking challenges. This will make your life easier by updating room status and pricing instantly from one single place. Therefore, you can reduce overbookings and reduce the wrath of turn-away guests.

Apart from these operation-based challenges, investing in a right Hotel Management Software can also help you in reducing your overall guest complaints. It lets you update your general guest complaints. Later on, you can analyze these guests’ complaints and find out the solution to all such complaints. For instance, if a guest complains about room service, you can find out the staff who served that guest at that time and can discuss the issue. It helps you in identifying the root cause of the issues, solving those issues and preventing it in the future.