In the digital homeland, a website is the entry point that connects you with your guests. As a hotelier, without any second thought, you need to invest in an intuitive hotel booking system. By leveraging online hotel booking system and other tools, you can receive direct bookings and convert your website into a profitable one.

Here are some tips that help you optimize your website and also illustrate the advantages of having a booking platform,

Integrate a bot: Your guest visits your website, looks at all your pages, and leaves your site without taking any action. They may abandon your site for various reasons, but did you take steps to stop them from doing this? Perhaps, no!

As the website is the doorway in the digital world, it is essential to start engaging your guests at the time they visit your website. Integrate a brilliant chatbot on your site which will automatically communicate with your guests, and help them in making a reservation.

Chatbots are brilliant devices and are available 24/7. As a result, this will drastically improve the conversion rate.

Integrate a booking engine: Your guest should no longer wait for the reservation confirmation. By integrating with other booking portals, your guests are provided with the latest information about your hotel room status. They can do on the spot reservation anywhere at any time without any location- barriers. Thus smoothens their entire booking process.

A good booking engine ensures 24/7 online presence which enables you to receive commission-free bookings at times.

Responsive Website: According to research, in India, almost 87% of guests are comfortable using smartphones to research, book rooms, and plan their entire trip (Source: Google Insights). It is essential to have a responsive or mobile-first website.

By leveraging online booking systems, you can write up attractive descriptions of your hotel rooms. You can also upload your hotel images, add amenities, and promo codes which best illustrate your hotel and entice your guests. 

Spend time on what matters you the most: With a booking engine, integrated with your HMS and Channel manager, you can achieve operational efficiency with minimal personnel, as most of the manual tasks like doing a reservation/booking and managing them will be automated. It frees up your hotel staff and allows them to focus on core activities that unlock further opportunities.

As integrated with other booking platforms, a chaos-free booking engine will avoid errors like overbookings, etc. thus saves your personnel’s time.