How Visuals Can Boost Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings


Amplifying your brand visibility and building a brand that connects with the audience is one of the ways to increase your hotel’s direct bookings.


Guests can land your site from various sources- directly from web search results, after seeing your property listed on OTAs, or redirected from your social business pages.  


However, connecting with your audience can be challenging unless you use the right images that are appealing and engaging with your users.


Visual Images are a great way that helps you share your property stories and connect with guests. Seeing these visually appealing/happy guest images can trigger your potential guests’ emotions and lead them to book a stay in your property. 


Here’re the best ways that help you craft your visual stories!


Pictures that convey messages better


Pictures can be a strong psychological and determining factor when there’s a dilemma between selecting one property over another. It is always better to picture what you offer rather than saying it.


Create a separate photo gallery that will showcase your property. These images of your hotel can then be used as a marketing tool. Even adding your satisfied guest images, with their permissions, can have a major impact on your potential guests who are looking for accommodation.


Use colors that resemble your brand!


Use your brand color on your hotel website. Visual things will get remembered easily. Humans often relate colors and images to remember brands. Moreover, selecting the right colors can direct guests to make the right decisions.



Likewise, it is essential to follow the same color patterns on your Internet Booking System. Cheerze Connect’s Booking Engine can align with your existing template. It helps you visualize your property with pictures and fine descriptions. Not only this, it can help you store your guests’ preferences data, which helps you devise unique offers. 


Write compelling descriptions that support your visuals!


Visuals can speak for themselves. But, it is vital to create compelling content that supports your images. Importantly, it helps you to educate search engines about your web page and probably improve your rankings.


Therefore, create unique and engaging content that emphasizes the benefits of staying at your hotel, its unique offerings, travel guides and info on local attractions.