How voice bots are changing the way you operate your hotel


Voice bot is the next revolutionary technology that changes the way we live. The availability of ultra-fast internet and mobile devices makes it easy for everyone to experience this cutting-edge technology. I presume the majority of you have used Google Assistant to search, play music or order a book for you. Even, nowadays, most of you are using a home assistant to control & command the smart devices around you.


Imagine, how it would be to perform your hotel operations with your voice command. Before we move forward, let’s see what voice bots are and how they work.


What is a voice bot?


Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), voice bot is a computer program that converses with you. These smart devices will process your speech, decode your question or command, and return an appropriate response.


Voice Bot: The new way to operate your hotel


Voice bot is a compelling technology nowadays. It is estimated that by the year 2020, 20% of organizations will invest in voice assistants (Source: nativemsg). Another major study reveals that voice recognition platforms can be three times faster and accurate than typed text. And, the adoption rate of this cool technology is increasing among millennial. How can you benefit from this compelling technology?


In the millennial workforce environment, voice bot can help your staff to perform operations faster and reduce the operational burden for them. By providing the right technology, hotels can boost their staff productivity levels, simplify their lives and ensure a low employee churn rate.


At the same time, in the fast-paced world where guests expect faster solutions, implementing voice-based technology can help you in performing operations faster than ever. It will create a great shift in the way you deliver service and experience to your guests.


Cheerze Connect- Comprehensive and Intelligent Hotel Management Software


Cheerze Connect is the pioneer in introducing a voice-based command system, which is going to revolutionize the way your hotel works. With this voice-based system, the staff doesn’t need to perform operations anymore, instead, they can talk (command) with their tool to perform operations. Using this next-gen voice-based Hotel Management Software, staff can perform almost their end-to-end hotel operations. With this Hotel Management technology, you can save time, increase staff productivity, reduce operational cost, smoothen operations, and deliver exceptional services to guests.