How to increase your hotel room sales?

Today, in a sea of information, guests are very careful in finding the room that best meets their needs. As a hotelier, to sustain in this business, you need to make yourself available on the platforms where your potential guest searches for a room.

But it’s not easy.

In the digital world, getting heard is very hard unless you are a big brand.

As a small or independent hotel, you often depend on supporting technologies that help you reach your potential guests.

Make sure you leverage today’s modern platforms to acquire more guests, sell more rooms, and gain more revenue.

Get heard with OTAs

Brand visibility is one of the major roadblocks for many of you. Online Travel Agency, in short as OTA, helps you by amplifying your hotel’s visibility worldwide. With significant investment in marketing, OTAs are successful in helping hoteliers to reach their potential guests.                          

However, you need to be careful in selecting the OTAs. Before embarking on this journey, you need to set clear goals, the market you are going to explore, etc.

Initially, experiment with listing a few rooms, captivate the audience by posting attractive hotel images and clear description of your hotel rooms. Find out whether the platform works well for you or not. Consider the conversion rate and the commission you need to pay for each conversion.

Drive direct sales with booking engine

Since its presence exists over the years, hotels today are investing in booking engine more than ever. It is the only way of boosting direct sale for your hotel in the digital era.

It is equally important to have a simple, user-friendly, and information-rich website. Both website and booking engine work in conjunction which ultimately increase your hotel’s direct sale.

Booking trends are changing. Booking happens on multiple devices. It may be from mobile, tablet or desktop. Whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter if your website is responsive enough. You can ensure you never miss a booking.

Virtual reality technology is also helping you in increasing guest conversions. Few big hotel brands are providing virtual hotel tour to their guests. Even though guests can view the hotel images on the website and read fine room descriptions, they are still suspicious about the hotel rooms. VR helps you in getting rid of this fear from your guests by taking them to your hotel virtually. It gives assurance to the guests and the conversion rate is likely to increase.


It is essential to engage with your guests when they first visit your site. It is also said that guest visits OTAs are very likely to visit your hotel website. Making efforts to engage with them will increase the possibilities of conversion.

The role of a chatbot is significant here. It answers your guest queries and provides assistance in their entire booking process.

Central Reservation System

If you own multiple properties, then CRS is the right solution for you. Central Reservation System is a platform that helps your guests to make bookings online. With CRS, your staff can make cross-property bookings and get a clear understanding of bookings happened across your hotels.

Social Media

It is another platform that helps you to increase your direct sales. But it requires consistency and patience. As millennial comprises the major market segment, they are also spending lots of time on social channels. Share useful travel tips or promote your hotel on these platforms. Provide website link or ‘Book now’ option, which will directly take your guest to the booking page.

Metasearch Engine

Advertising your hotel in the metasearch engine sites like Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor is a big advantage for you! Metasearch engine simplifies your guest research process by centralizing all the OTAs. Your guest can compare prices listed across various OTAs and other booking channels (Website booking engine, CRS) and find the best price for their room. In comparison with OTAs, metasearch engine is a cost-effective solution for hotels.

Note: Optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile to get ranked for the local search.

Review platforms

People believe word-of-mouth given by their fellow guests. With increasing review platforms, it becomes inevitable for you to make your presence on these sites. Provide booking options to your guests on these platforms.

Note: Reviews also affect the guests booking process. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a sound brand reputation.

You now have your presence across all the important channels where you guest often visits right from their research to the entire booking process. Therefore, it is a must to analyze these channels and their performance on conversion. It will definitely help you in finding out the right channel that drives more profit to your hotel.

Is that enough?

Not at all. To reap maximum benefits, you need to have proper systems to manage your bookings.

Manage your hotel bookings effectively to avoid overbookings and other issues. To achieve this, you need to have these important tools (Hotel Property Management Software and Channel Manager) in place.

Channel Manager, integrated with PMS, provides real-time room status across OTAs and other booking channels. It is very helpful in reducing overbookings and also enhances staff productivity.