Keyless Hotels with Mobile Check-in - An Analysis.


Cashless economy is becoming ubiquitous in many countries and running a hotel without supporting digital payment solutions will ruin your business.


Similar to the Cashless economy, another growing paradigm that is going to set a huge impact on the hotel industry would be Keyless Door systems in hotels.


Mobile-based solutions are dominating all sectors, and also bring improvements in various routine operations. With growing numbers of smart hotels and digital systems, hotels are encountering a tremendous change in their operations.


As a part of the smartphone revolution, hotels started adapting smart key facilities to guests’ smartphones, which provides them access to their rooms.


This method has been widely appreciated by guests as the hassles in maintaining the room keys are reduced to zero. A keyless mobile check-in system has so many benefits for both hoteliers and guests.


Guests can easily maintain their key. A room key is one more application rather than a physical object that has to be carried along with them all the time.


From busy business travelers to relaxed leisure travelers, keeping the key safe is always a problem. With mobile check-in, we can handle that easily.


Hoteliers are not required to create too many keys - Using, replacing, tracking all come with a reasonable man work. Also, they can reduce check-in time easily as guests can get the keys on the go, once the book and it could be easily disabled by hoteliers once the guest vacates the room.


Mobile check-in indirectly helps hoteliers to make their guest install their dedicated hotel application, which can create a good chance of re-booking. The application will contain complete information about the guest. This will help hoteliers to connect with the customer for further relationships.


Also, Hotels can easily maintain the entry logs of users by tracking the usage of the digital key. It also helps to attain high security as the key cannot be used by multiple peoples.


Many hotels are adding facial recognition to ensure whether the right persons are using the room or not. Broad adoption of digital key systems will happen in recent years, and being first in adopting will help hotels reap the early benefits.