The rising needs to offer short stays in hotels

Today, the demand for business people to travel abroad to attend business meetings is increasing. As well as, the desire to travel is on the rise among independent travelers. Amid their trips, they need a roof to rest their head. It helps them to plan for their day forward, freshen up to attend the important meeting or to pass their time before boarding. 

Today’s guests require flexible check-in & check-out time. In the changing times, it is essential for you to address these concerns faced by your potential guests. Having a conventional 24 hours check-out system will make your guests hesitant to choose you. After all, no one would like to pay extra than what they actually avail. It is in the hands of hoteliers to provide an affordable stay to their guests.


Microstay and its benefits

Microstay is emerging all around the world. It is mainly developed to meet the needs of business travelers and other day travelers. It is a way of selling rooms based on hours without any overnight accommodation. Wikipedia puts it simply as “residency in a hotel room less than 24 hours.” In the words of hoteliers, it is known as Day rates.

Implementing Microstay in your hotel will mutually benefit both the guests as well as you! For you, it will increase your bottom line by selling rooms twice a day. At the same time, it helps your guests to avail the room at the best price.


Market Overview

Microstay is not going anywhere. It is catching up like a fire in the forest. The origin of Microstay dates back to the time of recession.

Today, both the UK and the US have been implementing this stratagem and reaping out numerous benefits. Hotels located near the airports and other travel hubs are fast to offer this niche service.


Early Adopters

Majority of OTAs like Byhours, Dayrooms, Dayuse, and Hotels By Day are providing this hourly-based booking options.

Big hotels are also providing meeting spaces with all the meeting itineraries required. Hotels are making effective use of their physical assets. The words of Bill Carroll, Instructor, Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration insists the same “Hotels own a physical asset 365 days a year and they need to maximize revenue for every square centimeter 24 hours a day.”


Microstay in India

Indian market is experimenting with this concept. OTAs like OYO, Yatra, MiStay are letting guests book hotels on an hourly basis. Hotels like Ginger are specifically targeting the business travelers, providing discounts and amenities like free Wi-Fi, and allowing them to check-in and check-out between 7 A.M to 7 P.M.

Still today most of the hoteliers are reluctant to offer short stays due to the romantic rendezvous which possibly defames their hotels’ reputation.


Microstay- A big opportunity for hoteliers

But there exists a significant opportunity for you to unleash. It is well evident that the breakthroughs in technology have brought a massive shift in the way we work, live and travel. The confines of working within the office premises have gone far away. Today’s hotels will become the offices of the future!


Manage bookings effectively with Hotel Management Software!

Implementing this strategy can double your bookings. It helps you to boost your revenue, however managing these bookings by hand will add another layer of complexities to your whole system. To prevent this and be productive, hoteliers need a comprehensive & integrated Hotel Management software in place.