Must-have Hotel Interfaces: What are they and why should invest in them? (Part-2)


This blog is the continuation of our earlier post that talks about the must-have hotel interface. Click here to access it!

1. Door-lock interface

Having a door-lock interface can help you deliver enhanced security and access control to the hotel rooms with low cost and maintenance. Guests can scan, authenticate and unlock/lock the hotel rooms within seconds. By integrating with the Hotel Front Office System, hotels can avoid performing check-in at two different points- one at the reception and another one in the door lock system. Hence, it saves time and ensures secure and quick access to the room.


2. Wi-Fi interface

Delivering Free Wi-Fi is not a luxury anymore; it has become a standard expectation of guests. Guests today look for fast and reliable internet access. A public network, integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, lets guests control smart devices (TV, AC, Light, and many other appliances) right from their phone itself, which helps them turn their experience great and memorable. Therefore, it becomes inevitable for hotels to invest in a Wi-Fi interface to capture, attract, and retain guests.


3. Loyalty interface

Loyalty interface is essential for hotels of all sizes to communicate with guests frequently and update them with offers. It proves to be one of the most effective ways to build loyalty, upsell, and increase repeat visits. Working in conjunction with Front Office System and Point-of-Sale, Loyalty Interface keeps hotels up-to-date with guests’ purchasing patterns, preferences, and behavior.


4. SMS interface

Investing in an SMS interface is crucial to provide a convenient communication platform for guests. Hotels, with SMS interface, can easily communicate with guests about their arrivals, booking confirmation, special offers, etc. Moreover, it helps hotels in their marketing activities like driving more direct bookings by sending booking links to guests. Majorly, the SMS interface is helpful for hoteliers to stay connected with their guests on their stay, assist them on-time, and thereby achieve higher guest satisfaction. Guests can request extra amenities or contact staff immediately to help them in finding a nearby local restaurant.