Must-have hotel interfaces: What are they and why should you invest in them?

Since the advent of technology, we have been spectating a tectonic shift in the hospitality industry. Hotels, nowadays, reckon on multiple emerging technologies to ensure faster, efficient and impeccable operations, which might profoundly assist them in enhancing their guest service levels.

However, the crux lies in integrating these smart technologies. Hotels cannot truly benefit from these sophisticated technologies if it fails to integrate with some of its existing technologies. Therefore, hotels need to take a careful move in selecting the appropriate technologies that work in tandem with other tools.

For instance, hotels can select next-gen Hotel Management Software which provides higher capabilities to integrate with other required tools (PoS, Housekeeping, Material Management, Food Costing, Bar Stock Maintenance, etc). In that way, all the systems communicate with one another in real-time, which helps hotels to effectively utilize data, streamline operations, drive sales and enhance the guest experience and loyalty.

Below, we have enumerated other essential interfaces that help hoteliers in lubricating their hotel operations!

1. Booking interfaces

Booking interface is crucial for hoteliers who want to drive direct sales from their website. A user-friendly booking interface, integrated with your hotel Front Office System, can help you deliver great and frictionless booking experience to your guests. At the same time, the particular room status & guest details will be instantly updated on the Front Office System, which completely removes the manual work and saves time. 

2. Facebook Interface

Facebook remains the most widely used social media platform (Source: Oberlo). Another study reveals that 90. 4% of millennials are active on social platforms. As millennials are comprising the major travel segments and tend to be more active on social channels, it is vital for hotels to ensure their presence on these platforms. Moreover, today’s guests have the habit of posting their travel experience on social channels. On the other side, the potential guests, who are planning their trips, are using these sites to get inspired. Therefore, investing in a Facebook interface helps hoteliers to promote their hotel, captivate guests and make them book their stay directly from your Facebook business page.

3. Channel Interfaces

Channel Interfaces can be a great time and life-saver for hoteliers who have listed their properties in multiple Online Travel Agents (OTAs). It not only provides hotels with an opportunity to connect seamlessly with third-party travel systems around the world, but it also helps them in doing away with the manual process of updating room status and rates. Utilizing this centralized platform, hotels can make instant changes on pricing, room status, stop-sell limits across all the channels. While it is good to have a Channel Interface, hotels should also consider whether the system integrates with your Front Office System or not. Few Channel Interfaces provides hotels with a direct booking engine, which makes a one-point contact for selling rooms online.

4. Accounting Interfaces

Investing in an accounting interface is imperative for hotels. It streamlines routine accounting activities and billing processes. It helps them in keeping track of their hotel’s expenses, preparing & issuing invoices, client follow up, and closely following the accounting periods.