Personalization - the keyword for 2021 

The question of personalization has always been an important one for the hospitality sector. This has been furthered by the concerns brought forth by the pandemic and the rampant interaction that the industry has had with technology in the meantime. Given the warmth of a personalized experience, arising from the good feeling of being seen and heard, personalization in the domain is not a fad to fade away. Here are four pointers to providing more personalization for your customers: 

  • Crafting unique experiences 

Every guest has a range of things that may make an enormous difference to their travel and stay experience. This could be things like the choice of blankets, the choice of food and beverages available or the curation of specific guest activities. A keen eye for these details can go a long way to turning guests into loyal customers and great endorsers of your brand. 

  • Audience-specific communication 

All of us who have woken up to an inbox full of marketing emails for products and services we'd probably never signup for can vouch for how frustrating it can be. Receiving such communication regularly can lead people, even those who might be interested in some of your other services that are more relevant to them, to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Personalizing experiences must include a conscious effort to send out only personalized and relevant content, marketing or otherwise, to your customers. This way, they know that you know them well and value their time. 

  • Delivering the human touch 

The constant lockdowns and the tech saturation in the current world scenario have left most of us craving human interaction. This, along with the general warmth of human interaction, could add an extra sparkle to travel experiences. So, even as we use technology across domains, we must use it to aid our staff to have more time to interact with the guests. With Cheerze, for instance, you can save around one hour of your employee time every day, such that they can put it into better guest interactions. 

  • Leverage your PMS and CRM systems 

Property and client relationship management systems can give you access to data and analytics about the preferences of your guests, such that you can craft unique and sustainable experiences for them. It can also give you a reliable source of information to train your dedicated staff in providing consistent, branded, and personalized guest experiences.  

Personalization, in all these senses, can go a long way to establishing the relevance of your guest experience. It would do a great deal of good to ponder on whether you are getting the most out of it.