Being prepared to host your guest is the most basic, and likely the most impactful, impression of good hospitality that you can have on the guest in question. Speak of great first impressions, a guest who feels understood, heard, and at home, when he enters your hotel is brownie points in terms of recommendations and references.

One of the primary steps that you can take in the direction is by knowing beforehand the right time at which your guest arrives, if any delays may require you to make adjustments and the like. Any hotelier who has had to handle a crowd of guests waiting in the lobby can tell you how problematic the scene could be, and how it could easily be averted with flexible planning.  

Reducing Human Error 

Considering that there is so much to keep track of, the planning in question is easier said than done and very prone to natural human error, in many cases. Hotels have been quick in realizing the potential benefits of hotel management software that can automate the process of recording and keeping track of arrivals and coordinating this with the operations of the day, including housekeeping and the front desk. This, in turn, lets you allocate your staff and resources for optimum results. 

Greater Personalization 

An intelligent HMS helps you know more about your preferences and other details of your guests. You can then collect this and use it to offer greater personalization on their next visit, irrespective of the platform on which they book their stay. Further, it can help your staff in housekeeping and at the front desk schedule and prioritize their tasks for the day, have more time to interact with guests personally as they are the first to represent the hospitality your establishment promises to offer.  

Comprehensive Support 

The front desks of today are, however, by no means just about checking-in a guest. Automation in the area now promises smart suggestions, multilingual support, contactless check-in, and intelligent interactions. With the case of the pandemic, and a range of technology that has risen to the occasion, hospitality services of now and the future will need to adapt their services with automation in mind for better customer service.