QR codes: Why and How to implement it in your hotel!

QR code is not a fad, but rather it’s a widely-adopted technology that helps businesses, in general, to reach and promote their product/service details faster than ever. Utilizing QR code technology will let you drive traffic to your website, increase bookings, provide information, travel tips, and smoothen guests’ entire staying experience right from the beginning to the end.

The majority of hoteliers are implementing QR codes to engage with potential guests and to deliver unique and frictionless guest experiences. Let’s see a few of them,

Hotels that implemented QR codes

Westin Bayshore Hotel, Canada

The Westin Bayshore Hotel delivers personalized welcome messages to guests using QR codes. They welcome guests with the plate of decorated cookies while they enter the room. Guests, who scan the QR code on the cookies, will receive personalized welcome messages.

Park Lane Hotel, New York

Park Lane Hotel uses QR codes in advertisements to increase their direct bookings. The Park Lane Hotel shared an ad in the New York Post, in which they featured a QR code. Users who scan the QR code will be redirected to a hotel’s web page, where they can book a hotel room and get a 25% discount on booking.

Best Western, Paris

Best Western uses QR codes to share the hotel’s amenities details. Best Western shares the QR code with guests at the time of Check-in. While scanning the QR code, guests will be led to the page where they can get access to a PDF file which enumerates the hotel services and other available amenities.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort, with the help of QR codes, reduces the time taken to check-in. It sends reservation QR codes to guests. Guests can scan these QR codes and check-in automatically without spending time on reception.

Waldorf Astoria, Beijing

Waldorf Astoria lets guests book their room by scanning the QR code, which will then redirect them to the hotel’s official chat application.

The Manila Hotel, Manila

The Manila Hotel incorporated QR codes in a different way that helps them in showcasing the hotel’s history with pictures and artifacts. Guests who scan the QR codes will get a detailed history and the significance of a particular display. This way, they build stronger connections with guests and communicate the glory of their brand.

Moreover, the usage of QR code is not only limited to this. Few hotels are providing QR codes lock option to ensure secure access to the rooms. Guests can scan QR codes to lock and unlock the room. Even, hotels by incorporating QR codes can reduce the order times. Guests, by scanning the QR code can order their favorite dishes in minutes.

Similarly, QR codes can also be used as virtual credentials that are convenient and cost-effective in comparison with traditional plastic cards (Source: Axis Communications). Soon, in China, using QR code technology, guests will be able to scan their sheets to see how clean it is (Source: Lonely Planet).

How to implement QR code for your hotel?

Implementing QR codes in your hotel can be easy. You can generate unique QR codes using the online QR code tools out there. Some of them are Beaconstac, QR Code Generator, QR Code Generator, Tech-IT, etc.

Let’s see how to create a QR code.

QR codes can be created for multiple purposes like marketing, to offer information, or to download an application. For instance, if you want to redirect your users to a website page, then select the URL option. Or, if you want to create QR code on your business cards, then choose the VCard option. Therefore, be clear with the purpose of creating QR codes and where you want to redirect your users by scanning this QR code. With a well-defined goal, you can easily create your QR code using Online QR generator tools. 

Tips: Here’s the complete step-by-step guide that helps you create QR codes for your hotel