Reshape your guests’ dining experience with these trending technologies!

Technology delivers a new way for you to engage with your guests, which is even more convenient and frictionless than the earlier methods. In the changing times, where guests prefer convenience over any other things, it becomes crucial to employ modern technologies to avoid being at a competitive disadvantage. However, the real problem lies in identifying the right technologies that help you do things better than ever before.

Here, we discussed some trending technologies that help you in reshaping your guests’ dining experience and lest your competition.

1. Kiosk

Using interactive Kiosks can help you improve efficiency for both guests and employees. Guests can walk-in to the eatery, no need to wait for the server to approach them, rather they can order their favorite dishes with specifications on their own, with the help of this interactive device. Even guests can make changes to the order within seconds. Thus, it drastically reduces the order times, ensures error-free operations and eradicates the need to manage your hotel’s menu book.

It also becomes a breeze for staff to make changes in the menus and adding special food packages or discounts. With this interactive device, you can implement upsell strategies like promoting your best recipe with a lower price for a few hours or asking guests to add some extra crispy fries. Furthermore, by scanning the QR code, guests can settle their bills securely right from this device.

Moreover, delivering personalized services to guests becomes easy. These AI and Machine Learning powered devices will help mine data on your customer behavior. Not only this, it assists you in managing your assets better. You can track your inventory details, thus giving lesser room for pilferage money.

2. QR Code

Just like Kiosks, QR code technology can also help you cut down on order times. Guests can scan the QR code pasted on the wall, table or posters. The guest who scans the QR code will then redirect to the site, where they can surf through multiple dishes and order their preferred food. With QR codes, you can receive orders from in-house and local guests, thus helping you accelerate the process and ensure a smooth experience with your brand.

3. Voice Assistant

Investing in Voice assistants can make a huge difference in the way you deliver service to your guests. With this device, in-house guests can order their food with their voice command.

Voice Assistant offers the ability to store guests’ behaviors and preferences, which ultimately helps you in delivering a personalized and superb experience to your guests.

However, to integrate these modern technologies, you need to invest in a next-gen Hotel Management Software and Point-of-Sale system. By integrating these modern tools, you can make your guests’ dining experience faster, convenient and excellent.

Even though technology enables you to deliver better services, it cannot be attained fully without Human-touch. The role of the staff is integral. Investing in these technologies can relieve staff from routine operational tasks and let them communicate with guests and take their experience to the next level.