Self-service hotels: An emerging trend among savvy guests!


With emerging cutting-edge technologies & leveraging data, it becomes easy for hotels to deliver an excellent experience to guests and meet their growing demands.


Self-serving is getting popular among today’s millennial travelers. It provides a convenient method for guests to communicate with your hotel brand and makes their staying experience frictionless. Besides, these applications help guests’ to personalize their stay more than ever. Your staff can spend their quality time on addressing guests’ issues and their needs, instead of doing routine tasks like check-in/checkout.


A dedicated application can help you provide outstanding services in multiple areas.




Hoteliers nowadays are investing in dedicated applications that let their guest's check-in/check-out through their mobile devices. Even, few technologies like QR code, NFC, and Kiosk, help guests to do the same with ease. In support of these technologies, hotels can completely reduce the need for guests to wait in a queue to perform the check-in/check-out operations.




Another major benefit is that guests can find the relevant hotel information, like your hotel's terms and conditions, hotel offers, amenities and travel guides from the portal itself. Guests do not need to rely on staff for this information. Guests can go through these resources and make decisions on their own.


Send Requests


Whether your guests are facing an issue with Wifi or requesting extra bed sheets, they can text the front office immediately and raise a request through this self-service portal. Therefore, guests don’t need to make a call every time. They can simply send messages to the respective person and get their issues addressed.


Room Service


With this dedicated application, guests can view the hotel’s menu, dishes that have received good ratings and special packages. Guests, from this portal, can also order their food directly. Even, some applications are providing a voice-enabled interface, which allows guests to order their food using their voice commands.


Control over their room


Today’s guests would like to have control over their stay. Dedicated application, integrated with IoT (Internet of Things), lets guests customize their room (Lighting, temperature, etc.) based on their preferences and make their stay personalized.

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