SEO Trends 2020: Hotels Should Look Out!


Getting noticed in the eyes of search engines is of significant importance for any business. And for the hotel industry, where most of the guests’ travel plans and accommodation bookings happen over the internet, it becomes inevitable for hoteliers like you to secure top rankings in the search engines.


SEO- What is it?


Search Engine Optimization, shortly known as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website and content for search engines and users. Ultimately, it increases your brand visibility, ranking, and drives relevant traffic to your sites.


Optimize your site for SEO or stay behind the competitive edge. There is no way around!


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Top 4 SEO Trends are discussed below,


Mobile-first Indexing


Mobile-first Indexing is the new normal. Google, the search engine giant, has been working on making Mobile-first Indexing as the default behavior of its search engines.


What is Mobile-first Indexing?


Mobile-first indexing is the process of crawling your web pages based on the mobile version. Pages that get indexed will have the chances of getting ranked- because indexing is the primary process through which search engines determine ranking. 


It means your website needs to be responsive, easy to load and navigate. Site speed is also one of the ranking factors. Google analyzes user signals in determining the ranking. If your site loads slowly and users abandon, it will be taken into account and probably affect your ranking.


Therefore, if your site takes lots of time to load, then it might considerably affect your organic rankings. Implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), use CDN (Content Delivery Network), and other optimization techniques to improve your site speed. It helps you deliver a good experience for your mobile users.


Learn how to optimize your website’s page speed.




Google wants to deliver secure web experience to its users. Therefore, if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, then it might cause a drop in your organic ranking.


Most importantly, it plays a trust factor in the user front. Google marks sites without an SSL certificate as ‘This website is not secure’. It definitely makes users reluctant to visit your site. They lost trust in your site! As a result, no bookings!


Voice Search


Voice search is the next big thing. In the advancing world, it is not enough to appear only on Search and Map. With the advent of Voice applications like Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice Assistant, it shows that this trend is not a fad!


On the other hand, guests are familiar with using these applications and depending on voice search to gather information about different subjects. They’re also using these voice applications to discover nearby accommodations, attractions, and restaurants. 


Therefore, you need to understand how guests use this platform to discover hotels and optimize your site accordingly.


Rich Snippets


Google is frequently adding new features (Rich Snippets) to the SERP Results in order to provide complete and useful information to its users.


Know how Google featured snippets for a particular query. Optimize your content. It doesn’t matter whether your site is in the first result of the SERP for a particular search. If you optimized your content for featured snippets, then you may be visible in front of your audience and drive more relevant traffic.


Local Pack is one of the featured snippets Google uses to provide local results.


Optimizing your Google My Business profile can boost your local SEO. Therefore, if a guest searches for a hotel near your destination (Eg: Hotels in Goa), then the possibility of showing up in the local pack is higher.


Google is continuously changing its ranking algorithms. Be aware of the changing trends and tweak your SEO strategies frequently to stay on top of the SERP results.