Seven effective strategies to enhance your guest experience

The key to sustain in this highly competitive market is to ensure great guest experience. As today’s guests are discerning and having huge expectations over their trips, it becomes quite challenging for you to foster a good impression on guests.

Implement these effective strategies to create a positive impression on guests and enhance your guest experience.

1. Meeting pre-arrival expectations

With increasing communication channels, you can reach out to your guests in the pre-arrival stages. Sending booking confirmation emails and welcome emails can be easy. Even in these emails, you can ask guests to share their food preferences, medical preferences, or any other services they expect at their arrivals. It shows you are putting efforts to make their stay better. It creates a good rapport with guests even before they arrive.


2. Make your environment clean

Once the guest enters your hotel, the first thing they notice is the surrounding environment. Even disarranged files in the desk can change your guest perspectives on your hotel. It is essential to keep your hotel tidy, and things arranged evenly to create a better impression on your guests’ minds.


3. Provide easy check-in/check-out option

Providing easy check-in/check-out option is another way to impress your guests. In the hospitality industry, each second matters a lot. Making your guest’s check-in/check-out process more than minutes will create a negative ripple effect on your guests.

4. Find your guests’ purpose of visit

All guests are not the same, and their expectations too. It is a must to understand your guests’ purpose and expectations over their visit by interacting with them frequently. The guests whom you receive might be a solo traveler, businessman, research scholar, or a family. Each of them has different motives and needs to be fulfilled by a hotel.

For say, if the guest is the research student who wants to know more about the historical & cultural details of your city, then refer the best guide to help him. Through that person, the guest can gain a wealth of information about the localities. It helps guests to achieve their goals. By going the extra mile, you can gain your customer satisfaction.

5. Help your guests in their travel plan

Experiential travel is getting popular across all ages. People love to explore new destinations. Be aware of your local attractions and other travel spots. Assist your guests in devising a sightseeing plan. Also, help them in identifying the best restaurant, local foods, and the best time to visit the destinations, etc. It will enhance your guest experience.

Keep track of local & cultural events. Provide event tickets to the right guests with discounts.

Also, don’t forget to ask about their experience after they arrive. It makes a long lasting impression on your guests. Plus, it helps you to find out difficulties (If anything exists) in the trip and make the right recommendations to other guests.


6. Invest in proper hotel management software

Hotel Management Software helps you in automating your hotel’s day-to-day operations. It is an essential technology which helps you in streamlining your hotel operations. It saves your staff’s time and lets them spend more time with guests. Also, it acts as a guest repository and assists you in providing personalized service to their guests.


7. Train your staff

   Your employees are your brand ambassadors. Train them to be polite, humble, and attentive to your guests. It is very important to teach your hotel staff in handling the disgruntled customers.

Also, ensure your staff's goals are aligned with your hotel's mission and vision. It helps your staff to play their role independently, and at the same time in-line with your hotel values.