Choosing a right hotel management software is not a cinch! With the myriad of choices, often hoteliers baffle in selecting the appropriate one that meets their expectations. To sort this out, we have listed down seven must-to-have features that one should consider while buying a hotel management software!

Onboard quickly: A hotel management software should ensure a simple set-up process. It lets you on-board within two to three minutes. With the low-learning curve, your staff will find it easy to use. Thus, it enhances the staff’s productivity by reducing the time and effort in learning a new tool.

Customizable: Every hotel has its own way of operational methods. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a hotel management software that should be highly-customizable to fulfill your unique business operational needs.

Automate tasks: A Hotel Management Software should help hoteliers to organize and perform hotel activities (From check-in to check-out) from a single dashboard. By automating administrative tasks, you can save half of your time which enables you to provide more tailored services to your guests.

Seamless Integrations: Leveraging plenty of tools like booking engine, channel manager, key card interface, and other similar applications will assist hoteliers to perform different hotel operations. While doing so, it is vital to ensure seamless communication between PMS and other tools. A right hotel management software should act as a centralized hub which enables you to synchronize well with the other hotel applications.

Secure: A Hotel Management Software should allow you to restrict unwanted access to sensitive information. It should enable you to provide limited or full accessibility to the application based on the staff's roles and responsibilities. In Cheerze Connect, you can even configure field level access in the application which prevents revenue leakage.

Anywhere at any time reporting: It is must for you to be aware of your hotel status wherever you are. A Hotel Management Software should provide you with a plethora of real-time reports which help you to get deep insights into your business anywhere at any time with your choice of devices. See how our mobile app will help you stay informed on the go

Best-In-Class support : 24/7 technical support service is one of the most critical components you should consider when buying a software product. It is essential to ensure your product queries are resolved promptly to achieve easy operational flow