Smart Hotel and its benefits

The idea of smart hotels emerged in recent years, and the market is now witnessing lots of developments in that direction. Smart Hotels are designed to provide guests an experience that they have never felt before. It is not only helping you in delivering a memorable experience to guests, but the most important aspect of smart hotels is the use cases it handles and the services it provides.

Technically, a smart hotel is a hotel that uses internet-connected devices to serve their guests. The devices are capable of transferring information with each other. The major technology behind Smart Hotels is the Internet of Things (IoT), but a lot more technologies help hotels to achieve it.

Many market leaders are rushing towards upgrading their hotels to smart hotels. Even though it incurs an investment, the operational cost it saves makes it a more valuable one to add.

Values Smart Hotels could produce

With smart homes, many guests have already experienced the positive benefits of IoT. Smart hotels, not so different from smart homes, inherits the same favors. One of the major benefits from the aspect of a hotelier is the reduced operation cost right from the manpower to power utilization. Effective utilization of resources is the most important practice in any public sector as every year, and smart hotels are far ahead in doing that.

Providing guest's smartphone application to access all the services is another interesting feature of smart hotels. With IoT and this application, guests can be given more control. More controls give more freedom to personalize the settings like the temperature, lighting, etc. Providing smart devices to guests with which they can access their personal Netflix or Spotify accounts will personalize their stay and make them feel more like home.

Self-service application also assists the guests’ decision-making process by giving them access to hotel resources like hotel amenities, travel tips, attractions list, and other local activities. This gives guests to see the complete available services and other travel options and make them better choices during their stay.

Enhanced security systems such as facial recognition or fingerprint sensing will help prevent access to people other than guests to the room. More safety can be assured through such technologies.

AI-powered bots and Chatbots with Voice-based interfaces are becoming one of the important aspects of smart hotels. They turn the interactions between Guests way better by making it easier and faster.

All these smart services could create a greater experience for guest which will turn out as a better business. So, turn smart and turn your hotels smart.