Cheerze Connect wins ‘Star Beginner 2019’ award from Software Suggest

Cheerze Connect has been awarded the ‘Star Beginner 2019’ by Software Suggest- one of the notable software review and comparison sites.

Cheerze Connect is one of the most comprehensive hotel management software tools. It includes in-built Front office, Back-office, POS, Booking Engine, Mobile App, Stores, Banquets and other such modules.  

Achieving high operational efficiency is still remain a major challenge for hoteliers. Cheerze Connect assists hoteliers in streamlining their hotel operations. It benefits hoteliers in numerous ways. It helps them achieve high operational efficiency, enhance guest satisfaction, and boost revenue.

Benefits of using Cheerze Connect,

Automate operations

First and foremost is its interactive dashboard. It helps hoteliers in getting a clear view of their hotel status at a quick glance.

More than this, it helps hoteliers to complete all the basic operations, ranging from check in, check out, billing to entire inventory management within this single dashboard. Personalized emails and SMS will be triggered to confirm reservations and also if guests requests/complaints get resolved.

Automating basic operations will help staff to save a considerable amount of time and increase their productivity.

Easy Integration

Another important advantage is its ability to integrate well with other third-party systems. This helps hoteliers to change rapidly based on the growing demands. At the same time, it relieves staff from feeding data manually from one system to another.

For say, you have an effective PMS, attractive booking engine and robust channel manager. But each of these works in silos, which means the booking data will not be communicated automatically. Staff needs to feed the data into each system manually to avoid errors like overbooking.

Enhance guest satisfaction levels

Understanding guests’ needs are essential. With Cheerze Connect, hoteliers can build a complete guest repository system which helps them to understand guests and their needs to provide personalized services at the time of their second visit.

Hoteliers can also use these guest data to categorize guests based on their needs and can create compelling campaigns, offers, etc. to stay engaged even after the visit.

Today’s guests are expecting more valuable services from the hotels. By understanding their guests, hotels can enhance their service levels and guest satisfaction by meeting their needs on time.  


Another major benefit Cheerze Connect offers to hoteliers is mobility. With Cheerze Connect, staff can get access to the hotel account with their choice of devices. As a hotel owner, it provides a great option for you to book rooms anywhere with your mobile device. You can also view hotel and banquet status and reports based on the operations. Your staff can take their order, or generate KOT or check-in a guest from anywhere within the office premise.

Business Insights

Furthermore, with Cheerze Connect's informative reports, hoteliers can stay informed all the time, regardless of location. It greatly helps hoteliers in understanding their business insights like which room suite sells more and which is not, their peak and trough hours, favorable markets, etc. It helps hoteliers to invest more in high performing markets to reap better results.

Ensuring high control over your hotel account by knowing who is accessing the property account at what time, providing role-based accessibility are added benefits of using Cheerze connect.

Cheerze Connect is the ideal platform for hotels those who are looking to attain high operational efficiency, increase guest satisfaction and business revenue.

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