8 Technology Trends hoteliers should watch!

Technology changes the way we work by simplifying the growing complexities of everyday life. Change is crucial in order to sustain in the world of increased competition. Those who implement novel ideas and methodologies will thrive, others will fall behind. Check out this important technology trends to improve the quality of your services.

Cloud technology

The world is looking out for smart technologies. Ease of use, simplicity, and full-time accessibility are the most attractive benefits of cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based HMS promises seamless connectivity & availability, better performance, and ubiquitous access. It lets you get connected from your choice of device. On average, with cloud Hotel Management Software, you can save up to 60% of your time.

Open APIs

The world is changing in a better and faster manner. New & exciting technologies emerge every day. The needs are growing as well as the guests’ expectations. Hoteliers are in a state where they need to count on multiple technologies to unravel these growing complexities. Investing in the open platforms will remove technical complexities while integrating with other hotel tools.

Integrating your Hotel POS with Online Food Ordering platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats will reduce the manual processes like updating orders and generating KOT. The integrated POS will automatically generate the KOT and intimates it to the concerned persons. By integrating these platforms, you can simplify tasks and save your time to do tasks that add value to your guests.

Internet of Things

Think of a world, where objects, devices, & other appliances, get connected and communicates with each other, start anticipating the needs, and opting-in to the situations. How does it sound? Great, isn't it?

This is what IoT does! IoT connects devices over the Internet. With this technology, devices can become smarter, communicate with one another, and react based on the surrounding needs.

For example, hoteliers can optimize energy consumption by automatic turn-off lights/ fans while the guest leaves the rooms. Or, dim the lights during the day time. 

AI & Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence, as the word denotes, it is intelligence shared by machines. Cognitive AIs are soon relieving the staff from administrative tasks. Henn-na, a hotel in Japan, has become a pioneer in using robots as front desk staff, customer information tools, and also as luggage porters. It is a great gift for hoteliers. AI helps staff in reducing their burden and letting them focus on the guests.

Another development, AI provides hoteliers is Chatbots. Today, with the rise of different technologies, communications happen at a fraction of second. Guest are expecting a quick response to their queries. It turns to be a big challenge for staff to reach out all their guests and make a fast response. Chatbots, with their predictive tools, sends personalized answers and assists guests in their journey by solving their queries. Since it ensures 24/7 availability, it brings up important queries in front of staff and handles the rest of the operations.  

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Big Data

At the end of the day, every business relies only on data. Hoteliers generate data at various touchpoints. Delving deep into this data will help hoteliers in understanding their customers’ needs, desires, and the current trends of the Industry.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

We could see lots of development in these trending technologies Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. Both are helping hoteliers to provide simplified & informative services to their guests. 

Most of the hoteliers are providing a virtual tour to their hotels with Virtual Reality. It acts as a catalyst in triggering the guest emotions. It takes them on a virtual trip and provides the whole view of the hotel. Guests those who view and experience those moments will likely take a decision of staying in the hotel.

While Virtual Reality takes the guest to the virtual world and provides experiences, Augmented Reality helps guests in understanding the local attractions by providing useful information like nearest restaurants, distance, the time taken to travel, outside weathers, etc. and lets them make right preparations to their trips.

Authentication & Cybersecurity

The world of authentication evolved from fingerprints to facial recognition. Check-in & check-out will be easier by implementing facial recognition. Not only in check-in & check-out but even it is also implemented while paying the bills, etc.

Cybersecurity- With access to the guest's personal data, securing them becomes key responsibility of the hotel. Hoteliers must have a well-defined & proven cybersecurity practices in-place to protect their critical assets and business reputation.